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  1. I'm still thinking about buying this module, this new long range radio system and navigation can be a really new and interesting feature! the previous ww2 module is really similar, you have some guns, and a gunsight, engine, some bombs, and nomatter it's 190 109 or p51, it is pretty similar. But this radio system add some new things, so how are the simulated?
  2. The edge of the radar returning image is pretty sharp even the range scale is like 60km. That's impressive. The edge is definitely sharper than the game.
  3. The explosive damage of the entire dcs is somehow strange though, like a 1000 pound bomb need to precisely hit a target to destroy it, the splatter damage is really small.
  4. Let's be straightforward here. Is there any news or details about the next major update? Can viggen get ends her EA situation by the end of 2021? Sorry for being straightforward, I dont mean any offence. But f14 updates come and go, while the viggen part is really quiet. Please gives us some details, or releasing dates, releasing months is ok. Thank you.
  5. I know it's from the manual, so I'm not doubting about the accuracy. But even the range of 7km is really a dangerous number, it's just on the max range of sa19 Tunguska. If I launch at 7km, due to the 0.9mach high speed, the closest distance between me and the tunguska maybe 6km or even closer. It's highly possible to take a shot from tunguska. As the imgs shown below: Launch at 7km pull a 7g turn, the closest distance is 6km still take a shot(the missile didnt have enough energy though) 7km is pretty safe to the stings or manpads, but it's dangerous to the Tunguska. While tunguska is in service since 1982, bk90 is designed since 1986 and in service since 1992. It's a pretty strange short range design.
  6. Yes, even launching at the low altitude with 500m, bk90 is capable of double range as the manual or the hud symbol claimed. If the launching speed is 0.8mach, you can get a guaranteed hit 10km away.
  7. But after it's on shelf and people pay money to buy it. it shouldnt simply be a "hobbyist" project anymore
  8. I dont know it's the problem of petro ai, or just the flying characteristics of the mi24? When she is flying at slow speed or hovering(under Petro ai), there is always a small amount of oscillation. And through the storm missile aiming sight, this small oscillation is pretty large, the player needs to constantly adjust the aim to aim precisely, or the missile will miss slightly, dealing no damage at all. It pretty annoying.
  9. So, the method is a little bit like ajs37? Pretty cool! But the ajs37 release all It's ammunition at once, and run away fast. While on mi24, the operator can only control one missile, with the fact that the missile can only reach 5km, during one attack, the operator can fire one missile if the helicopter is really fast, at most 2 missiles. If mi24 wants to fire all the 4 missiles, that means it has to do at least 2 run, maybe even more. She needs to stay on the battle field for longer time, isnt that dangerous?
  10. The storm atgm missile launch zone is really narrow. During a regular attack, I have to press down the helicopter, and the stable hovering status is broken. Is it possible to override the atgm launch zone?
  11. I tested static objects, they are pretty strange: only a part of static objects are visible The buildings are visible, but oil rigs are not: Can see 2 targets on the X shape runway Cannot see a huge oil rig by the coast:
  12. Topgun 2 will be released this year. So stop crushing on f14!
  13. A6e could take YEARS to make. So just forget about it.
  14. It seems that the viggen doesnt like to be on runway in real world, maybe thats why devs are trying to keep it off-road. Sry, I just looked the title, and I thought you are sarcastic about this endless beta time. My bad.
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