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  1. every STABLE updates (including today, and im not even complaining about openbeta) makes different (and more ) clouds and other obejcts appear only one eye. im old and my eye really hurts please ED this is barbaric..
  2. Thanks! i will try it right away. hope it is compatible with moose ..
  3. Hello. I was pretty sure this was asked and answered, and tried my best to search the forum and internet but was no good. What I am trying to do is spawn a group then set the groups route (set of waypoints) to follow a route, which must be set dynamically from the script (not in the ME) From what i gather, The route is copied and set when spawned from pre-defined template(group) in ME which the group spawned from. : But it's fixed so i cannot change them during the mission, from the script) I can copy route from some other template and group on the fly: Route( .. GetT
  4. Again, great thanks Grimes! So maybe there is a way, albeit not so beautiful one :smilewink: I will try that and find out! You are the best!
  5. Hello, I am new to mission scripting, but I searched the forum for hours and still has no solution. I am trying to restrict giving a player TGP or Jammer modules, however, getAmmo() only returns weapons and somehow getSensors() doesnt return anything.. Any help or workaround would be useful. I mean, TGP is a big deal, and nobody should take it for granted! :lol:
  6. Thanks! I needed a modern testing ground, looks very promising!
  7. Great thanks for the comment, it became a lot more clear. :thumbup: But now I have a very important question, and it critically affects my mission making project! 1. Can different DCS install (a friend's machine) have different (set of) wsType? if i set a warehouse to have 10 AIM-120, then send the miz file to my friend, he will see something like 10 AIM-7F instead of 120, because he and I has different modules installed even if we have same DCS version? 2. Does it mean wsType can change, (1) every time the game launches, (2) only change when game updates? (3) only when the
  8. I am new to ME and missionscripting but I am eager to learn, and I need your help. Im trying to figure out what wsType and attribute means and more importantly does it changes somehow. Lots of mods and missions uses clsid but warehouses use wsType instead. and i looked into db weapons data some of them has wstype others have attribute some have both (with different value) and some have none. also i changed quantities of some equipments and aircrafts in an airport. but next time i loaded it in a different computer, there are many dupilcated items in inventory, like 2 items of s-13 rock
  9. I dont have any experience in mission scripting, but maybe writing the savefile in user directory (like Saved Games/DCS) may solve the future cases regarding permission writing in system drive/directory like C: If I can make some time I will try it and let you guys know
  10. Mission designers are the only ones who are making it as a "Video Game." They are true heroes who finally added "war" to the war"plane" simulator.
  11. Thank you and I wish you enjoy them! Let's hope there will be many more like these !
  12. Thats a relly great news for me. I play persian power almost everyday and from what you just shared, i think the next one will be even greater! Thanks for sharing and hoping it to be completed soon!
  13. I modified Georgian Power a little bit as someone asked me if it's possible to play with Su-25T. 1. Added Su-25T and TF-51D slots 2. Spawn type changed to Air, for better compatibility with unpredictable DCS patch Georgian Power v008 for Su-25T.miz
  14. It seems the campaign searches for "Saved Games \ DCS",not "Saved Games \DCS.openbeta". Short term solution would be make a shortcut (better with symbolic link from mklink command) which symbolically links physical "Saved Games \ DCS" folder to virtual "Saved Games \DCS.openbeta" https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/mklink BE SURE TO BACKUP your saved games folder just in case in the long term the campaign would be able to choose or prioritize which version to use eventually!
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