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  1. Yes the Yamato damage model does not seem to be correct - it sinks far too easily - I'm sure Hawkeye will fix it in due course.
  2. You are putting ALL THE EXTRACTED FILES into the tech folder!!! When you open the download, you have the folder path INCLUDED!!! So, you are DOUBLING UP (2x) the file path. Put ONLY the SHIP FOLDER (WWII Japanese Yamato Class) into YOUR TECH FOLDER
  3. Windows(C) > Users > Your Windows Name (eg "Chompski") > Saved Games > DCS.openbeta> Mods > Tech If you do not have any of the folders then just make them!
  4. Hi Hawkeye You get a mention by Grim Reapers in their recent YouTube vid (around about 8 minutes into the video) Can A WWII Battleship Super Fleet Beat A US Carrier Group? (Vid 13) | DCS WORLD - YouTube They also feature your mods here WWII: US, British, German, Italian & French Navies - General Guide | DCS WORLD - YouTube I think they would love to chat with you about the ship mods
  5. Interesting video from CAP & Co on YouTube WWII: US, British, German, Italian & French Navies - General Guide | DCS WORLD - YouTube
  6. I have been testing all the Naval mods. adding one unit at a time to see which mods are incompatible with 2.7 For me the Z39 without the torpedo fix works ok. All the other DKM German Naval Squadron also work fine and look fantastic. I have some older German Naval Mods from Hawkeye from a few years ago - These are great models and also work in 2.7 but with the following problems; WWII German Cruiser Emden - sails and shoots but explodes amidships about every thirty seconds - eventually starts to burn - it would be nice to have this ship fixed as it is a good model
  7. It seems there are a number of ship mods still available including USS Brooklyn NAVAL MOD COLLECTION (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  8. I got an excellent Brooklyn Class, and a Pensacola via Hawkeye a few years ago, before the links were removed by ED. They still work in the latest beta. The models are excellent and they will set ablaze and sink but the guns don't appear to work. There are also some very detailed IJN cruisers destroyers and battleships out there, that work fine in DCS. Let's hope Hawkeye will make them available again soon
  9. I did the repair but to no avail. However, I had a hunch that it may be a conflict with one of the many mods I have installed. By a process of elimination I discovered it was the ship mods USS Peleliu and USS Saipan. Don't ask me why but once I removed these two ship files, the F-16 loaded and flew perfectly both in Vr and monitor.
  10. Thanks Buzz and Juli I will try the repair
  11. Thanks File uploaded dcs.log-20200328-111454.zip
  12. Just updated to latest version of open beta, then purchased the F-16 When opening an F-16 Instant Action Mission it loads to approximately 50% then crashes with "Unfortunately DCS has Crashed" message. Tried many times with no luck. All other aircraft are fine. Non-Steam Version NVidia 2080Ti i7 Pimax VR Warthog HOTAS Great performance on all other modules, including F-18, F-14, etc Anyone else experienced this?
  13. 00000.077 --- Log file: C:\Users\Mike\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS.openbeta\autoupdate_templog.txt 00000.000 === Log opened UTC 2020-02-15 11:21:16 00000.017 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 10.0.18363; Win64; en-GB) 00000.017 INFO : cmdline: "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS_updater.exe" 00000.073 STATUS: Initializing... 00000.075 INFO : basedir: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta 00000.075 INFO : dcs_variant.txt: openbeta 00000.079 INFO : DCS/ (x86_64; EN; WORLD,WWII-ARMOUR,SPITFIRE-MKIX,BF-109K4,FW-190D9,FC3,CA,P-51D,NORMANDY_t
  14. Is it possible to make Map Mods for DCS and if so are there any tutorials on how to do it? If new maps could be made, it would seem to be a simple process to load them into the "Terrain" folder and thence to open in the game. If anyone has any information about what software is used and the basic process, I would love to attempt making a map for DCS Regards Mike
  15. Thanks to the team for these wonderful ships - I've been an IL2 Sturmovik, series of sims, enthusiast for some years, thinking that DCS was all about modern jets - I never realised what I was missing. Really good quality work guys. Thanks very much. regards Mike
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