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  1. Hello all, I just ordered a desk mount and didn't receive a confirmation email even though the money has been sent from my account. Is this usual?
  2. Nobody said the ship would release next week.....
  3. Willing to give it a good try, but you'll need to unblock/unban me first.
  4. There is a reason it says ''do it for us'' there are some gullible people around here
  5. Sounds like you're dropping full flaps at too high an airspeed.
  6. different altitudes, different air density due to both humidity, altitude, and temperature, all change how any engine performs, be it a piston or jet engine.
  7. Hey pilot, stop flying so rough! You're messing up the music!
  8. Seriously, just set it to -15 and give it a shot. I don't do much of a test but I just slammed the stick back to full deflection at Mach 1+ and didn't Rip the wings in my really quick test.
  9. I think we would notice if the axis was inverted, we aren't pushing the stick forward to pitch up.
  10. I just spent probably an hour with a friend doing low level BFM, snapped my wings countless times, not because I meant to pull the stick back too far, but because the curve just was too steep at high deflections. Tried out the -15, and it seems to have fixed my issue as well! Also using an X-55
  11. With the X-55 the line between not enough pitch and ripping my wings off being so fine makes it extremely hard to dogfight. Trying a heavy curve
  12. Just how the traffic pattern around the carrier works. Everyone else is above that unless they are past the break.
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