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  1. Well... It has been 6 years already since it was reported... Any update on this?
  2. Hey javelina1, Sure, with that piece of hardware, things start to look a lot more handy and immersive. I have a very "modest" rig: VKB Gladiator MK2 joy, VKB pedals and the Track IR... By now, my "nomad" life style does not allow me to go into nice rigs, dedicated chairs or cockpits. Still, if at some point, I could settle down somewhere... Would not care about getting that "Mikhail" :]. Happy to see you enjoy the mods. I am also, like many others, looking forward to the Afghanistan map, for a long time. Some of my favorite birds; Mi-8 and Su-25A (Mi-24P
  3. Yea, VKB's are not everybody's cup of tea. But never tried anything else, so can not compare.
  4. Nice one! Helos with no rudders are definitely a nightmare to control . I got VKB T-Rudder MKIV, (helo type ruder/pedals) years ago, and also very happy with them. Best
  5. Hi Razorback, https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2083710/ This one I guess. :]
  6. Hi TabascO, About this one. You could download one of my missions and take a look to how it is done there inside mission editor. To be honest I do not remember very well how I did it..., that is why I point to the mission it self. Let me know if you manage. It is really neat when the troops go to certain place after you deploy them :]. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3304388/ Best
  7. Hey Eduardo! You finally bought it ! Trust me, you are not gonna regret. Good to know that you are enjoying the stuff. Actual weathering is a bit overdone... but at some point, and update will come . Cheers!
  8. Hi guys, I read also, time ago, that they "lost" it or so... Now after the announcement that MAC (I think that is the name) is coming this year, I imagine/hope... they will update before releasing it. Would be good, in any case, to have an official answer about this topic.
  9. Really neat mod Tobi. Thank you !! :]
  10. Hi YSIAD_RIP, thanks for the kind words. Happy to see that all works as intended by your side. Enjoy the holidays and take care :].
  11. Hey BIGNEWY! Any news about when/if this is gonna be fixed? Do we have to wait some few years more to get this cockpit look, at least, correct? Or... is there any big "secret" update planned for the Su-25 that could, somehow, justify that this awful problem is not fixed yet? This is no free content guys . Thank you
  12. Hi YSIAD_RIP, First, IMO you have bought the best ED module to the date, so congrats :]. About your question, I do thank 104th_Fallen and T. Nark of UnOfficial RoughMet patch because thanks to them I realized that I could use PBR in the Mi-8, but I am not including any of their files or any modification of them in my patch and my PBR and theirs does not look similar at all, at least they were not similar by the time I released mine. Best way to check is to take a look if camo paint scratches and reflections match, orbiting around the model with some side sun light
  13. I did miss this post. WTF... Amazing work Razorback !!! Now I know who is, without any doubt, the one more eager to get the Hind :]. Let's hope that it is out and finished before Apache... .
  14. Hello, YSIAD_RIP. Yep, it does still work :]. If you are new to Spitfire I advise you to try this mod also from Mnemonic: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3310397/ Best
  15. Amazing :thumbup:. Thanks for sharing freebirddz :]
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