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  1. You'll need a base station for 6DOF. It's only 3DOF without one.
  2. I’ve been very happy with my FSSBR3 and F-16SGRH. It’s the only way to fly the Viper. It will takes some time adjusting to it just be patient for the first couple days. Once you’ve grown accustomed to it, your control of the aircraft will be much more precise than with using a traditional deflection style stick.
  3. I'll see if the option is available in Nvidia Profile Inspector. If it is I'll try it.
  4. SRS, at least stand alone SRS shouldn't have any performance hit at all.
  5. I'm sure you've already done this but you may try moving the headset to different positions on you face. When I first received the CV1 I was wearing it too high and it was making me slightly ill. I then actually read the directions, moved it farther down my face and all was well. I'm a sailor and boat captain, crossed the Gulf of Mexico, sailed the Atlantic and do not get seasick so it was really odd to get sick in the Rift. However if the lenses aren't lined up right with your pupils you will get sick; you'll at least get headaches.
  6. I know when I changed from Oculus CV1 and tried the Odyssey I was appalled at having to use WMR and Steam. Using Oculus was as easy as using an monitor. Since I’ve had the Index and only use SteamVR the interface has become much better. If I simply start DCS I really don’t even see it. With SteamVR I have 2 extra forms of super sampling apart from PD in DCS, not to mention different options to choose from for motion smoothing and reprojection. With Oculus you need the Oculus tray tool to adjust super sampling outside of DCS. With the Index I can now adjust refresh rate, custom resolution, application super sampling, motion smoothing and reprojection while in game simplify using the system button on the headset. From my experience SteamVR gives the most control over VR settings. It’s WMR that needs to be kicked to the curb but the Reverb is marketed as a business peripheral first, not a gaming headset. Pretty much the entire world runs on some type Microsoft product and that is HP’s target audience. While I really wanted to be able to use the Reverb, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with WMR. I would rather see SteamVR native but I’m not holding my breath.
  7. You can use Oculus Tray Tool to set SS instead of PD even though Oculus API is native.. I would expect that to be the case if WMR became native as well. One would hope anyway.
  8. I've run mine at 90 pretty much since I received it. It will run 120 and 144 but it will NEVER hit that high unless looking straight up. What happens is the headset will step down by half or 60 FPS if using 120hz. However, if it can't hit and stay at 60 it will then drop to 40 and lastly 30hz. Running mine on 90hz has always kept me damn close to 45 or higher depending on the map. While it's cool the headset can go to 144hz you're not going to see that until DCS is much more optimized. I've been very happy with the Index so far. Like most VR flyers I'm always looking to improve the visuals hence my buying the Reverb. Unfortunately after about 15 hours of tweaking I've given up on it for good. The cross eyed effect is just too distracting. That said, after changing back to the Index my Custom Resolution setting was left on 150% which is what SteamVR recommends and is the default setting for the Index. It looks fine to me now. Could it better, yeah but honestly I'm sick of messing with it. I'm almost constantly at 45 FPS regardless of how heavy the map it. Your system should run it fine with a 9700 and a 2080Ti. I don't really notice a difference between 60 and 45 FPS but I DO notice a difference from 45 to 40. My advice is to set it at 90 FPS and you should be good to go.... but, this is DCS so take that statement with a grain of salt lol.
  9. lol, bro I spent ten hours trying EVERY possible setting, vertical, horizontal, outside, inside... et al. Moving the left lens to the left got it clearer, same for the right lens but it didn't take as much movement. I have to move the lenses farther left than the sliders in the app allow for and therefore I've edited the file itself. I can see improvement but not enough to get rid of the cross eyed vision and yes, I'm moving both lenses. My bigger question is, why do I have to do this at all? Outside of DCS everything is great, it's not till DCS is loaded that the image goes to shit.
  10. Why the hell is it cross eyed for me?! Lol. Can anyone tell me why the Reverb is perfectly clear in both the WMR house and the SteamVR cliff house but is totally FUBAR once I load into DCS? I’ve gone through and removed any previous settings, files and hacks that could possibly effect it. It can’t be an IPD setting because it looks great outside of DCS. I still have 27 days to send it back but I’d like to get it working. I spent a good 10 hours editing the file created by openVR debug tool so that’s not going to help. It’s like DCS is off center.
  11. I spent a good ten hours trying every possible fix listed here with no joy. I can’t tell if it might be an old setting from my index that didn’t get removed or if 1mm really makes that big of a difference. I did try the default setting of 63.xx or something like that but it was still cross eyed in DCS. In the SteamVR house and WMR house it was fine and felt like it was maybe a millimeter off. In DCS however it was unusable. As I’ve said before, I really haven’t had the issues with the Index that others have. Of course we all want more clarity but the overall experience has proven to me I have the best HMD for my eyesight and it is worlds more comfortable than the Reverb. Not to mention the sound and FOV is much better as well. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions but I’m selling it to a buddy so he can practice flying his real RC planes in VR. It should handle that without issue lol.
  12. Does anyone know which file contains the IPD values for Windows Mixed Reality? I've tried to set the IPD in headset display settings to 58 but it bumps it back to 59. Is there around to change this minimum value?
  13. Not that I remember. I may have tried it when I had my Pimax 5K+ but I've reformatted at least twice since then.
  14. Yep, it’s the same tool. Using the Index default values from openVR debug tool is my last resort. One observation I’ve made is I can physically move the headset left OR right on my face and the image clears up. This leads me to believe it’s not my eyesight that is messed up. Also, there is no cross eyed effect outside of DCS. The SteamVR and WMR houses look fine. As soon as I load into DCS the image is so bad I can barely read the options on the debug tool. I don’t remember it being this bad with my previous Reverb. It was only slightly cross eyed but enough for me to send it back. This was before a saw the thread from BigNewy about openVR debug tool.
  15. For an idea on the difference in clarity, with the Index, lean in a ways till it gets super clear. That’s how clear the Reverb will be without leaning in.
  16. At 60 IPD you should be very happy.
  17. As long as your IPD is within the norms (at least 59 or above to 70 I think) get the Reverb. Your PC specs will run it beautifully. Unfortunately the Reverb doesn’t work for me. Still too cross eyed to use and I’ve tried every hack I know but one which I’ll try tomorrow. The Index is the better quality rig but the Reverb when aligned on my head by physically holding it low and left on my face was crystal clear and silky once I turned on motion vector. Also, I did not need ANY MSAA. Compared to my Index there was virtually no aliasing and the only super sampling I used was SteamVR custom resolution at 150% but I could have gone lower than that and it would still look good.
  18. Yeah, crystal clear. I had it set to very high quality, highest resolution and 90Hz in the Mixed reality portal. SteamVR custom resolution at 150% and that’s it. When I held it to the side and it was aligned, it was crystal clear. This was in the Viper. Also, I had NO aliasing compared to the Index and MSAA was off. Didn’t need it at all. I’ve been using the openVR debug tool and adjusting the left lens left for about 5 hours starting with the last decimal point lol. I just can’t get it to not be distractingly cross eyed. I’ve gone so far left now that the zoom pulls to the left. I don’t get it. I’ve set the Reverb to 59 IPD which is the minimum. My index only goes to 58 but has zero cross eyed effect in DCS. Just 1mm. The cross eyed effect is so bad I can’t keep the headset on without at least swapping the top/bottom which helps. I gave up on the slider and instead began editing in Notepad++. I’d really like it to work but after trying literally every tweak on these forums it remains cross eyed. I even changed from parallel to raw in SteamVR settings. The last thing I’ll try tomorrow is copy the openVR debug defaults from my Index to the Reverb. I doubt it will work because the lenses are canted slightly different but what the hell. I will say the Index is still good visually but nowhere near as clear as the Reverb. It has more aliasing for sure. Overall I’m not unhappy with it, in fact I breathed a sigh of relief when I swapped back to it lol. It’s damn sure more comfortable and the wider field of view (even a few degrees) feels more airy for lack of a better word. Still, if it wasn’t cross eyed I’d keep the Reverb. Oh, Windows Mixed Reality Sucks.
  19. So I set up the Reverb today and everything looks great in WMR portal and SteamVR. As soon as I get into DCS everything is cross eyed. So far I've been using the openVR debug tool to adjust the lenses and it has gotten better but it's still out of sync. Here's the kicker. If I physically move the headset slightly down and left it is CRYSTAL CLEAR. I had an eye injury during my misspent youth which does effect my IPD to some extent. However, both the Rift CV1 and Index do not have any cross eyed effect at all. Also, I only get this effect in DCS, nowhere else. Does anyone know exactly what is being adjusted with the sliders in openVR Debug tool? I'm guessing they shift the lenses left or right up or down to center over the pupil. If I can get the Reverb to not be cross eyed it's definitely a keeper over the Index. Oh, HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!
  20. Normally I would say yes, as I've used it exclusively for the last six months. It's by far the highest quality build of them all. But, for DCS you will need the highest or close to the highest PC specs to run it well. When I say well, for me I mean at a solid 45 FPS using 90hz refresh rate and most objects being visually clear. If you go through this thread, having the best PC specs does not guarantee a good performance with the Index both visually and FPS count. Is it a great unit for VR? Yes. For DCS exclusively?? I'll let you know when I get my Reverb Pro tomorrow lol. At least two people who's opinions I trust on this thread have switched to the Reverb. We'll see.
  21. With 4KUHD TVs costing less than your typical game controller it is definitely a viable option. I flew the other viper sim on 60” and 50” 4KUHD TV’s (not at the same time) using Helios and YAME on a 27” touchscreen and thought I was in heaven..... then I tried VR... I’d say the single biggest drawback to using a monitor is having to use TrackIR after experiencing true 1:1 head movement in VR. Especially when using a big screen and a second touchscreen. You either have to put it on top of the big screen where you have limited tracking or on the lower screen where it blocks your view..
  22. I tried this tonight. First I had to manually put in the line “render camera mode raw”. Once done I didn’t notice any improvement but it did make my spyglass zoom cross eyed. So unless your index is cross eyed, adding this line doesn’t have any other benefit.
  23. VR has killed any possibility of flying in 2D for me. I honestly wish I didn’t try it as early as I did. However, it’s totally flyable for me. I typically have 45 FPS even on heavier maps with the common frame dips around airbases. Is there ghosting? Yes but it is not enough of a distraction to take away from the immersion I get from VR. Then again I flew the other Viper sim for 20 years and was already accustomed to shit graphics outside the pit. Being able to do overhead breaks, air refuel and fly formation with the precision of being in a real aircraft with realistic visual cues is truly outstanding. What I don’t get, what I struggle to wrap my head around is how 10 people can have practically identical top end computers and get totally different results using the exact same settings and exact same HMD. It makes no sense. It reminds me of having to do “The Dance” before connecting online with others to fly the other Viper sim. I’m talking circa 2001-2002 lol. The difference being, after doing “the dance”, you were pretty sure to get at least an hour of online flying. Granted, ensuring everyone’s config settings were the same for network syncing is different from hardware/driver settings but the same principles apply. Anyway, in the end this is what we do for enjoyment. If you’re not enjoying it, do what you gotta do. For me though, if I quit VR, I quit DCS and all other flying sims as well.
  24. I have openVR debug tool installed currently. I would think it will fix what little cross eyed effect I get. I’ll let you know which settings work when the Reverb comes in. So what you’re saying is you have NO PROBLEMS with the Reverb? Thank you sir.
  25. So no cross eyed vision? Even though the minimum IPD setting is 59? I already told the wife I was ordering another lol.
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