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  1. It's the Nose Wheel Steering/Undesignate button, it's not related to the TDC - it's the pinky switch on the stick.
  2. ED were skeptical of the CFD performance results when they were first shared. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2198274&postcount=41
  3. You'll notice because the wing snaps - happens at Mach 2.3-2.35 or so.
  4. People have tested the release version versus what was included in the previous OB, it performs the same.
  5. Just turn the switch to stored heading alignment (the first position after off) and it'll do a fast alignment. You don't have to do anything else, there's no ME setting or anything.
  6. To be honest, this whole kerfuffle over SD-10 performance could be solved by Deka providing the evidence they've got for its performance. Heatblur provided a fully referenced CFD paper to explain the performance of the missile they added. Deka haven't provided anything and there's no public information to compare to - the only bit out there is that interview from the designer (which may or may not be true) saying max range at 10km, 1.2 mach shot on a 1.2 mach closing undefending target should be 70km. From what little we've seen, the missile seems to be outperforming that.
  7. Are they beam riding in real life? Looks like the seeker is in the nose:
  8. +1 everything you said, but this one in particular. If VOIP isn't on by default, it'll never end up being used. If people don't want to hear it they can opt out, but if you have it off by default then you'll have players that never know it exists. And then you end up in a vicious cycle, where because people aren't on comms, other people don't join comms (or they join and find no one talking / responding so never use it again). It needs to be on by default for this to have a chance of succeeding.
  9. It's worked since the INS was implemented - wait till everything powers up and the MFDs switch on, then stick the INS knob in the first position (in VR so I can't actually read the label - probably ASH/stored heading), and it'll start counting down. Takes 90 seconds till ALIGN starts flashing / RDY flashes on the DED, then stick it in NAV.
  10. Seems to be this: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=256317 Current theory is that it's caused by a SAM firing just before a player joins.
  11. This one affects every module with external tanks, not just the 16. It's been around for years. For now, just punch off your tanks before you land.
  12. Could that be the difference with magnetic declination? It's 7 degrees in Caucasus AFAIK
  13. In a Q&A with Jabbers , they said they're hoping to add a simple campaign before release. It's probably on Caucasus, can't imagine any module developer setting their only campaign on a map that not everyone has.
  14. Stored heading is already implemented - set the INS switch to the stored heading position and the INS aligns in 90 seconds.
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