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  1. would say it is a CPU bottleneck... to the point that your gpu is waiting on the cpu to prepare frames..
  2. cool... did you switch it on via graphics.lua or what??
  3. could probably maxx out most settings except terrain shadows if you limit your refresh rate to 60hz... maybe more.. terrain shadows are the biggest load as far as i can tell.. not sure how well the 1080 or th 6700k will do at cranking out 165hz of 2560x1440 DCS though..
  4. works perfectly with OvGME... actually, never hasn't worked perfectly with OvGME..
  5. turn terrain shadows to flat.... Cockpit shadows to high... should not affect GPU very much at all... terrain shadows are the ones that will likely kill your performance.
  6. ...or stick a couple bricks of dry ice in your fan ducts:joystick:
  7. Just freaking set the Shadows.lua to 8192 for the high setting and let it pass IC..... pleeeeaaaase!!!!:pilotfly:
  8. welp... that fixed it!... :thumbup:
  9. thanks BIGNEWY... doesn't seem to write a .zip log so here is the .txt log.. dcs_log.txt
  10. every time i land a SU-33 at Batumi and a few other airfields, DCS crashes to Desktop or get stuck on blackscreen the second the wheels touch the runway... anyone else having issues???
  11. got it fixed... for whatever reason, i had to disable the module, restart DCS... enable the module, restart dcs.... and all is working fine now.
  12. hmm... seems to be causing me some CTD issues... performance is great and looks great, but crashing to desktop while flying often when in a dive for some reason... couple flickers here and there too.
  13. So... im all updated on the latest Open Beta... ran a repair... but my F-15C module wont let me fly for some reason.. all other modules work but the F-15C just lands me in a map view of the mission playing out and AI flying the F-15 im supposed to be flying... quadruple checked that Skill Level is set to player in mission editor.... sooo... any ideas???:huh:
  14. good to know.... was considering updating to check for any performance gains, but decided to go to bed instead... still runnin like a champ with 390.77 over here... Lol..:pilotfly:
  15. Excellent!!... glad you're back up and runnin!!:thumbup:
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