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  1. What has happened to some of our required buttons? I can't use PRINT SCREEN to take pictures of the amazing clouds or me refueling anymore? Someone already mentioned that the PAUSE is not working either. What happened Eagle Dynamics? Where are those functions? Wayne
  2. I have been wondering about these changes too, but thought I was pipe dreaming for us Canadians that like to hoop into our beloved hornet and fly it!!! I was posted to CFB Cold Lake for a short four years, but enjoyed them immensely while there. It would be nice to have CLAWR brought into DCS Maps, but answered and NOT happening (BUMMER). Wayne DCS CF-188 Pilot
  3. Looking for some help on purchasing a new wired headset. I want a wired headset to eliminate the need to charge it and I have had it die on me while flying, not cool. Also, it works with my TrackIR cable. My current headset is the TM T-Flight US Air Force and the mic stopped working one day months ago. I have been using my webcam mic since and I need a proper headset mic that won't quite on me. I have been looking at this one. Sennheiser GSP 600 – Wired Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset, Noise-Cancelling Microphone, Adjustable Headband with Customizable Contact Pressure, Volume Control,
  4. Would this be a possibility given that we have Canadian skins and perform night intercepts? Thanks, Wayne Flies Cdn CAF Hornets
  5. I hope this is the correct place to bring this issue up. I programmed one of my F/A-18C cockpit switches to operate the LST/NFLR switch using DCS BIOS and my Elegoo Mega 2560 board (pin 2); when I am in the sim it operates the FLIR switch. Every time that I cycle the OFF-ON switch it moves the FLIR switch from OFF to STBY to ON then stops. I have included both the DCS BIOS control input section along with my Arduino sketch to see if it is my issue or a DCS BIOS issue. Everything else is working flawlessly. Thanks again to those that created the DCS BIOS program. Thanks,
  6. Just wondering if the bleed air switch should rotate 360 degrees without any stops in both directions? I had initially hooked up a four position switch and it did some really funky stuff that I couldn't get controlled to work properly, so I now have a rotary encoder and it works way better. When I go to cycle the switch after starting the right engine it will not rotate a full 360 degrees in either direction, it stops at "OFF" when rotating CCW and "ROFF" on CW. Is this normal? I can fully rotate it with the mouse with no issues. Thanks, Wayne
  7. They are working on this one. Just another option if you are looking at buying instead of making. https://vipergear.eu/vipergear-f-a-18c-ufc/ Cheers, Wayne
  8. Take it for what it's worth. It is still in Early Access and they are still working hard to get things better with every update. I have been flying the Hornet since it was released to the general public and enjoy flying it. I don't even touch any other flight sims like Lockheed Martins P3D, it just doesn't feel like this does and is no where close to the complexity or requirement to fly lots to work on getting things and systems figured out. Just my two cents. Wayne
  9. Thanks. I found out that it is my headset microphone and the timing made it appear to be the Zoom meeting I had that day. Thanks Again. Wayne
  10. I hope this is the correct place to get some answers. I had to be on a Zoom meeting last Week for a church meeting and noticed that my mic in my headset wasn't working after. I just purchased VAICOM Pro and have been flying with it to get the calls and lingo working for the basic stuff, ATC / refueling / carrier ops, when I noticed it wasn't working. I have tried a lot to fix it, but with no luck. I have tried removing Zoom, after checking their settings for something to fix it, but nothing. Removed my webcam software, where Zoom has the mic hijacked to only use and still no change. It a
  11. Thanks for the advice and suggestions. Will try those and see what happens. Thanks, Wayne
  12. I hooked up my Bleed Air switch to my Arduino Uno and followed the DCS BIOS for pin hook up. I currently have Right Off to pin 2, NORM to pin 3, Left Off to pin 4 and OFF to pin 5. When I am in the cockpit and turn the switch, it has a mind of its own. It continually wants to sit in Right Off with the occasional stop at something else. When I am moving the switch between settings, it shows that it is continuously rotating when looking at the switch in the cockpit. Why is this happening? I have read everything in the DCS BIOS manual on rotary switch and can't seem to get this rotary switc
  13. Thanks DeadMeat for the help and suggestion. I bought two of the switch below from Digi-Key. I just finished disassembly, remove the stop and reassemble, after I found the two ball bearings that went flying and have it working. Now comes the truth of hooking it up to my Arduino Uno and checking it out in the cockpit. Wish me luck. https://www.digikey.ca/en/products/detail/c-k/A12405RNCQ/3751952?s=N4IgTCBcDaIMYGsB2BGADATgygtEgJiALoC%2BQA Thanks Again, Wayne
  14. I have been looking for the proper switch to use in my hornet cockpit as the Bleed Air switch and have not had any luck looking. What are people using or is it out there to be purchased? It need to have four positions and free to rotate without any stops built in. Thanks, Wayne
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