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  1. Have been away for a while myself, but might I suggest that you try some of the VOIP servers for some of the larger squadrons, who are generally amicable to these sorts of requests, I've gotten a lot in such places. Of course... There are a few things I still need to learn, and would like to hear about any more dedicated groups myself for a more one-on-1 thing. Only thing I seem to know well so far!
  2. My apologies for resurrecting the thread. I thought it was better than opening a new one, however. But once the Tomcat is releases could you clean it up a bit more and remove some of the other stickies? Stuff like the tips, tutorials, and manual are all very useful, but some of them like the "F-14 Status update", "Pre-order now available", "New trailer" and all of the other video and hype threads seem like they will no longer be necessary post-release. A lot of the comments for said threads also seem to generally have become rather toxic as well, and I doubt leaving them around will be very co
  3. Oh yeah, I'm aware! I fully intend to have fun with it. I was more wondering if any future pilots were interested in the idea of getting together to help teach newer flyers some of the ropes, especially as this also seems like it's going to be the most capable multi-crewed fighter for a while.
  4. I pre-ordered back in Christmas as this looks to be the best module yet, and I have to admit I really love the look of the aircraft with it's sleek, ultra clean lines, but I have to admit that I am a bit intimidated, only being used to more modern, fly-by-wire planes before this, and the F-14 tomcat seems like it's piss.poor for more inexperienced pilots. I was wondering about something, though. It seems like it would be a great ad-hoc trainer, and I was curious if anyone else out there might be using it for such and willing to teach any eager students about this beast?
  5. *Note: I wrote this a few days ago, so it was written in regards to the last version. Been busy so I couldn't post this earlier, though. Will test the new one now, though. I tested this out some myself the other day. It was interesting, to say the least. For a start, I want to say that this is something I've always wanted to see in DCS. Love the dynamic campaigns in BMS and Enemy Engaged. While not quite the same as those, this reminds me of the one for Rise of Flight, which also seemed quite good. I want to say thanks a lot for making this! Ran into a few things though, and also had a few
  6. Hey, I was wanting to ask if anyone knew of, or would be willing to make, device profiles for the T16000m FCS HOTAS. I ended up getting the bundle last month, as well as a new stick. I was already a bit lost trying to configure the aircraft I already knew to my last one and trying to figure out what I needed and what I didn't even going through the manuals and guides, and it's definitely the same case here. Fun
  7. Would love to get some of them myself, but have the steam version, trying to figure out some way to get those instead, be it a trade or whatever.
  8. I just saw the announcement of the Autumn Helicopter sale and was very excited. I was already starting to become very interested in picking up some of the rotary aircraft for a while, and was going to get one next month for my birthday. So the upcoming sale is absolutely perfect for me. One issue, though. I also read on the Facebook page that the sale is E-shop only. I currently have the Mirage and Harrier on steam, and don't really want to give them up, and most of the time Steam is the only plausible platform for me to make purchases for this on. I remember reading before that keys befor
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