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  1. Can confirm, missiles are non existent for the MiG-21. Hope to see some clouds in there too
  2. Alpen, will this mission be running on Saturday also, or is it only Friday? I can't make Friday because of work
  3. Thanks for your guys' opinions. Tbh, I forgot how many dang missiles the Viggen can carry. After reading both your comments, I agree with them and therefore have to change my stance.
  4. Please don't misunderstand, I'm only talking about making it a more even playing field, not realism. I wanted to share my opinion that I think because of the missiles currently available (just referring to the R60s) that it's a lot more difficult to be an F-5 pilot fighting against Fishbeds, than vice versa.
  5. Hey everyone. I'm gonna drop probably an unpopular opinion for the red guys. I've been jumpin between blue and red a bit over the last few months. Imo, I think the R60 is an advantage the MiG-21 has over the F-5 that it just can't compete with, not to mention the ability to carry 4+. When I am in the server, I consistently see MiG-21's in the top 3 or 4 on the scoreboard. Not to take anything away from their skill, but I do believe that the R60 presents an unfair advantage and the scoreboard shows the result. I've made shots with an R60 that have followed a Sabre around a hard 90° turn, a turn that would have dropped an Aim-9P before half that turn was made. Now I don't know if this has been discussed in the past, I tend to not get on forums all that often. But if I had to guess, I'd bet it probably has. I'd bet it has to do with the maneuverability between the two birds. If this server is going toward a more unbalanced setup, I'll drop the matter. If the goal is to have a more relatively level playing field, I believe the R13M1 should replace the R60 as the primary missile. This is just my two cents.
  6. I was curious if there were any plans to return the Gsh-23 gun sounds to the original in cockpit gun sound or use the UPK-23 gunpod sounds? I've been curious about this for a while mostly because so many planes share the sound and I've heard that the shared sound is originally from the Gazelle.
  7. Here is the old sound of the MiG-21 gun starting at 2:33 (the video should automatically start there). I know there's been some sound adjustment to the 21 since then, but I really enjoyed this sound.
  8. This sound mod is fantastic. Are there any plans in the near future to change the internal gun sound? The current ED gun sound in the 21 is a bit stale, especially since it's used on so many modules.
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