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  1. It was a misunderstanding, my apology. Thanks for clarification.
  2. Sorry for breaking your enjoyment For Tornado, the ED side asked the Manufacturer for License Purchasing earlier, but unfortunately, they denied. Although you guys are willing to fly Tornado in DCS, it's very unlikely to happen.
  3. Sorry for my unclear expression. I meant that escorts needn't keep so close to the Carrier, but they should follow her if she gose too far.
  4. Although they have distances, the Carrier cannot go too far away from escorts. That is to say, escorts need follow the Carrier even though they not always keep simultaneous formation.
  5. Trk file is here. In this mission, the bug produced no less than 3 times. Check it. 02.trk
  6. Seeing this picture, you can note HUD symbology reading 99.9NM Lock Range. This mission is Quick Start MiG-29 BFM See this screenshot, the bug coming again.
  7. As above. The Vertical Lock mode cannot lock aircraft correctly. I cannot see the lock symbology when I use this mode, and the Lock Range is reading 99NM.
  8. current problem is that developers and even closed beta testers can't recreate these from 14th April + 1 This is the real point which makes we still stall on multiple crashes.
  9. it is the most important problem to be solved + max It should be the most important reason why I am not willing to take BVR/long-range A2A engagements. It makes me spend most of my time on BFM Gun Only games. Sad.
  10. The same thing happend for me, just now. THB, I haven't played DCS smoothly those days due to undetectable crashes. ------------------------My current situation still no change------------------------ First run DCS, the second mission loading, CTD Run DCS again following the first run crash, the second mission loading, OK.
  11. Off topic: I saw "DCS Next-Generation Jet" on your roadmap. I would be extremely happy if you decided to develop DCS F/A-18F Rhino(Block 1) some day!
  12. I'm sorry to say that it cannot solve the problem completely. After deleted options.lua, my Current situation is that DCS will crash at the second mission loading when I run DCS at first time, and it won't crash at the second mission loading when I run DCS again.
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