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  1. Another video added to our list: Its about the next step towards a new region: Homs This time I was flying a viggen trying to do CAP in the early phases and gather ELINT later on. Enjoy! Youtube by link
  2. can confirm on that, had the same issue SP is working though
  3. Here i show you some of the recorded sessions of our multiplayer campaign. We're a small group of pilots doing a hand-made / Game Master controlled campaign to liberate syria. On that campaign we start small, having to unlock better airframes. Those are bound to regions wo conquer (for example: Tabqa, Hama, Idlib, Homs, Palmyra .... regions). Our main goal will be the city of Damascus, where our enemy has his capital. Please follow us on our adventure. All recordings are done in VR, I cut it down to approx 10-15mins per round (which is about 3h long usually).
  4. OK we had a run this night without any mods ... and we encountered no crash - guess we will try to add them one by one! Thanks for investigation so far!!
  5. Thanks for the effort, will retry without all the mods! as soon as i have news i'll post them!
  6. do you have an en-mission trigger inside the mission? did you use that little switch on your ded. server?
  7. Hello dear server owners! i got that problem here... has anyone of you ever encountered a similar problem lately? and are there any solutions known? i am a bit clueless right now ...
  8. Hi! I am running into similar problems. On my setup i have a dedicated server machine in the same network as i am. We fly cooperative missions on that machine every week (in a bigger scale) and in smaller scale now and then. Sometimes (especially last Tuesday) i had the issue that several clients were dropped out of the server - out of nothing and all at the same time. Sometimes i am dropped - and the rest of the gang remains on the server as nothing happend .... Any ideas? Nothing in the logs so far
  9. Had a new crash last night. A bit of information: System is a VMwave Win10 with 32Gig virtual ram and 26gig free disk space DCS is running as dedicated server SRS + LotATC running on server side The crash of the server application happened again about 1h45min into the game - similar to the crash above attached you'll find the crashlog / track file dcs.log-20210316-220912.zip as i had trouble in uploading the trackfiles, i placed them here: Google drive
  10. server-20210308-194347.zip.001 Here is the trk file from that night server-20210308-194347.zip.002 Part 2 of it
  11. I got the same Problem ... Current open beta - got nothing special or fancy running the crash happened 2h into the game no spikes on memory or CPU or anything ... 2021-03-09 22:29:32.744 INFO Scripting: event:type=birth,initiatorPilotName=GHOST 1 - Druid,place=Abu al-Duhur,t=60249.008,placeDisplayName=Abu al-Duhur,initiatorMissionID=4418, 2021-03-09 22:29:40.127 INFO Scripting: event:t=60256.438,type=pilot landing,initiatorMissionID=0, 2021-03-09 22:29:58.082 INFO Scripting: event:type=shot,initiatorPilotName=Ghost - 2 - DColson,t=60274.385,weapon=AIM-9P5,initiatorMis
  12. i've built some little button box with having cougar mfds in mind here i have a single box, with some numpad in the middle for all nummerical entries some switches and rotaries too for anything needing those inputs (lights, master arms etc etc) one of the 3 pos switches is used as modulator, so i can use that buttons in a total of 3 different settings (like 3 mfds in a hornet for example) its not the most beautiful thing, but it works pretty good
  13. Okay I'll try again with brakes on an axis, as it's on the warthog joystick brake button currently Thanks for the Tipp! Gesendet von meinem SNE-LX1 mit Tapatalk
  14. We have been flying the l39 since a while last night. I had exactly the same problem as OP mentioned, almost zero steering authority on ground, even though I pull the brake lever + full rudder. Previous to our flight I remapped all my controls, so I cleared all possible axis' which could interfere with my controls. Gesendet von meinem SNE-LX1 mit Tapatalk
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