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  1. Hi! how can I delete a unused column within the configuration menu in dcs? I was instaled facetracknoir and now Trackir. The old column Mamés headtrack os veré and i can't delete.
  2. Hello everyone! Since today's update, the pilot's helmet looks like this. Does it happen to someone else? thanks!
  3. Hi André, greetings from Spain. I have tested your software with a buttckicker and I am tremendously impressed. In fact I just bought the sound module and I look forward to sending me the activation code. My question is another. Recently I acquired this vest balance that simulates the action of the shots in the body. The funny thing is that it has an air compressor and it swells and deflates. Would there be any possibility that your software recognizes it via usb? https://tngames.com/products Thx!
  4. Thanks Tundra. I have a buttckiker and i love it. This product is a low price oportunity (15 dolars XD XD ). I´m going to buy and probe
  5. https://www.coolmod.com/chaleco-gaming-3rd-space-fps-talla-s-m-negro-precio Anybody use this in dcs? It's posible?
  6. Hola! Hace un tiempo me regalaron un butkkiker y he topado con ese software. ¿Alguien lo usa? ¿Que tal esta?
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