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  1. Having trouble trying to zoom in on a target In F-16 Viper How do you zoom in on a target with the TGP, once the wide field of view setting is selected, on MFD when using Mav’s Only using a keyboard for this action at moment, wondering if it would be possible to use mouse scroll wheel for this action.
  2. Hi Flappie Guess what again,the problem looks like it was the password all along,DCS did not like my Password 28 characters long,"It Consisted Of" Upper & Lowercase, Numbers, Symbols and Spaces. I changed the password today 13 Nov 020 in morning just planning to try a couple different things,try changing password first to a more basic less complicated password. After changing it to my surprise when i try to login, it worked first time, no more login problems through module manager,"Problem Solved" I still would like you to help me rearrange the folders that we rename and shifted before
  3. Yes i can login to my DCS account with chrome browser ,no problems there, its only when i try to access my account through DCS World the Program or the Module Manager i have the problem. Just wondering when I first installed DCS, I disconnected from the internet after downloading, and installed offline and didn’t try setting everything up straight away, until about a week after installing. When I finally tried to connect DCS back to the internet to download a couple of modules I got these same type errors I getting now. So I ended up changing password, to a really basic password, which seem
  4. Sorry to report,this was not the problem,path showed up first time I run the script,and getting same errors when lunching DCS. Log files did not not change.
  5. "Hi Flappie" Firstly, thanks for the effort yesterday, "Greatly Appreciated". Tried C & E Drive came up with the same result in both cases. Also i have realised something we where doing wrong with Event Viewer. After clearing logs in(Event Viewer) needs to be closed and then launch DCS and then reopened,something we did not do. Also wondering why you could not maneuver around the decktop yourself, to on open & close programs which made things that much more difficult. Also this screen shot has be edited, just to show the result.
  6. Sorry Flappie, can't find your proposition for meeting.
  7. "Hi Flappie" This TeamViewer program, is there anything i need to know, before i install & setup Also, I'll leave the Day & Time up to you,I think your in "France" is that right ? I've done what you said with the "Win Event Viewer" got day & time of the attempt written down, basically same thing happened as all the other times.
  8. "Alright" I've had look at the TeamViewer to see how it works, seems pritty straight forward, I'll need to clean up my desktop, and set things up as in the "Windows Event Manager". I'll get back to you early next week, to arrange a day and time to perform this procedure. "Hope this problem just about solved" Don't want 4 pages of communications, just about had enough !!
  9. "Hi" "First Thing" Do you now have any ideas, on how to fix this DCS internet connection problem ? "Second Thing" It's all well and good to meet on discord to try an solve problem,the problem is, i don't know anything about discord, never had anything to do with it. When you sent me your Discord ID in case i needed technical help to work it out, i was wondering what it was all about ? Your going to have to guide me through this process now as well, unless you have another idea on how guide me through fixing the main problem.
  10. Hopefully this has something in it that show where the problem lies. DCS Blocking Rules.rar
  11. "Sorry" Could'nt get powershell to divulge any info with that code. Tried a number different combination ,no good !!
  12. I'am not sure bitdefender is the cause of the problem, i believe Win firewall setting need adjusting, not sure how to though !! With the Windows firewall inbound rules,DCS World is clearly shown, "Outbound Rules" DCS does't show anywhere. Not sure about what settings are suitable for DCS in both directions.
  13. This is the latest screen shot, trying to get DCS login into my account. I've hi lighted the attempt with the red box around it .
  14. Hi, here's the latest screen shot. I've done what you ask me ,hoping we are on the right track here I'll wait for your response "Thank You"
  15. Hi Here's another screen shot of firewall setting for you to have a look at have not done anything yet, have other stuff i have to attend to before i start looking into this,but once i made the changes and looked at the results, i'll get back to you ,just letting you know whats going on !!
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