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  1. What do you think it's the thing you like the most about it? Is it similar to a10 red flag?
  2. Plug and play sir, even myself could install it with no issues https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/188571-tm-cougar-ch-magnetoresistive-hall-sensor-kits/
  3. there are other options, even available here on TM subforum and with bundles to upgrade to hall sensors
  4. Numers are only for FireCat´s list, the previous way to preorder before the website filling form was released.
  5. They have to come up with something better than other companies, and they haven´t done that since releasing Hotas Cougar over CH products two decades ago.
  6. Great bang for your money, being using one for two years already and I find I fly more finesse due to the feedback it provides.
  7. You just have to wait for your name to be "next in line" on the list, then MilesD will contact you for further info, such as your country, headset, payment method... Don´t forget to check PointCTRL Discord channel too.
  8. Another positive vote for VKB
  9. I think you can combo left click on the trackball + scroll the ball upwards and downwards for fast spinning
  10. fair enough!! you got a kiwi system to root the VR headset cable to the ceiling so it becomes "weightless", right? I bought a similar system but the adhesive pad doesn´t adhere to my old flat ceiling paint.
  11. Some user forums offers that for 30€, 20€ more if you want a Hall sensor.
  12. For my trackball, I attached a L bracket piece of aluminum to the right armrest of my chair, which I removed
  13. Oh you lucky person. Being waiting since last August for mine
  14. I can´t wait for PointCTRL, it´s a device which tracks two small wireless finger pointers of each hand for hardly $200 https://youtu.be/74g1VYkDOo0
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