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  1. just saying that´s not a bad PC to run VR
  2. Another option is buying hall sensor upgrade kits for your current pedals. That opinion you quoted sounds lue me lol. I would add VKB only cheap part is the pricetage. Amazing quality and building and engineering.
  3. I guess 3rd party devs need some time to catch up
  4. Does Leap motion work with all DCS modules?
  5. I bought a Virpil desk mount, which I place centered. Joy base at the botton, then handcrafted some L-shaped brackets for left and right MFD. The desk mount has drilled holes all long the vertical side, so it´s easy to place the MFDs at the right height. The icing on the cake is applying a small rounded adhesive silicone pad to each center button of each column and row. So orientating myself by touch is quite easy Then I handcrafted a U-shape bracket at the top of the mount, inverted. That´s where I placed the BuddyFox A-10 UFC, a great piece of hardware. Yesterday I received a F-16 ICP unit I bought from an Italian user, I need to figure it out how to place the device. And finally by Xmas I bought a programmable keyboard to replicate Hornet/Harrier UFC. It´s just 24 keys, I will print some covers and add again the silicone pads on certain keys for orientation purposes as well. If you are on Facebook, I have posted several times my rig over there across different DCS groups, let me know by private message if you are interested.
  6. sheet metal worker here for a few years, congrats on your work.
  7. For me, yes it does indeed. I fly a lot of traffic patterns with my modules, and find the gear lever a massive inmersion booster. Much more than pressing a button from Warthog throttle or clicking one of the small buttons from the PointCtrl finger unit. What´s more, the lever allows me to operate the gear while keeping my eyes out of the cockpit, with muscle memory I find the lever easily. Tomorrow it will arrive a F-16 ICP. And by xmas I bought a programmable keyboard for Hornet/Harrier UFC. I like the best of two worlds, physical devices and VR.
  8. As usual you only read issues on forums, none starts a thread saying "I'm happy with this stick". I like the stick, it's also the replica for Harrier, F15C and f15e. It also fits quite well the f14.
  9. I understand your frustration but it's what it is. It's also worthy mentioning the stated delivery time is a goal, not a fact.
  10. Some times DCS has a hard time understanding which MFD is which. Or maybe you change the ID via TARGET, and the default MFD 1 and MFD 2 assignments got updated and overrode your settings.
  11. As far as I know, each sim interacts with the mouse in VR in a particular way. DCS is the sim the device is tuned for especifically.
  12. Drop him an email, you have the address on the first post
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