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  1. Oh you lucky person. Being waiting since last August for mine
  2. I can´t wait for PointCTRL, it´s a device which tracks two small wireless finger pointers of each hand for hardly $200 https://youtu.be/74g1VYkDOo0
  3. Consider some desk mounts or even chair mounts, it will improve ergonomics a lot. Even adapting the racing rig with HOTAS brackets/supports. Otherwise your upper back will hurt soon.
  4. There are: - gel lube - silicone - white lithium grease - multi-use
  5. Just go to DCS - Settings - Controls, find the particular device column, double click over the name DCS chose by default (Button box) and type the name you want. No idea for Windows though.
  6. Yeah, there is some versions, others based on lithium grease. Yours look like the very same which worked for metal friction instead of plastic, the one used for carrier personnel to lube tomcat nozzles
  7. Go to controls and a10cII and check if the joy input shows up
  8. Firstly, bear in mind I enjoy reading pilots books and stories from cockpit rather than a condesed presentation with some data sheet. Regarding books, I would add: "Every man a tiger" by Tom Clancy and Gen Glosson, who planned the air campaign "Ironclaw": I think it was published at the same time than Vipers in the Storm, it got very good reviews, I haven´t read it yet "Angel of attack": the war from the point of view of an A-6 pilot flying missions from USS Ranger "Tornado down" is the experience of a British Tornado crew who got shot down by a SAM. "Hogs in the sand": very recent
  9. That would be nice. Can't wait either
  10. Enjoy it, I have adapted to use it with warthog, hornet tomcat and viper
  11. If it gets bblurry when you move your head, it could be retro projection related
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