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  1. Hello ! Very nice work ! But i have a problem, and i'm a beginner, when i click on "import joystick file", an error message about "compilation error in hidden module" appear.
  2. After a few minutes of testing on the sa342, the problem seems solved :shocking: and it is a great pleasure to be able to fly again with the gazelle !! :clap: A big thank you to the team who work on it !! :notworthy: Rx580 drivers 19.3.3
  3. sa342 is no longer in early access, and I can not use it at all. And it does it on other modules (less importantly) that are not in early access .:protest:
  4. Do you think someone is working on this problem? It's a shame to pay expensive modules that do not work. #SA342 :angry:
  5. Do you have news of an update regarding this issue? I can not use the SA342 Gazelle anymore and it's very annoying ...
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