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  1. Even after DCS 2.7 main update, still no way to let Voice Chat working. Of course option is ticked and even trying to change Voice Chat Input and Voice Output options, nothing changed. 10308 and 10309 ports already opened as UDP/TCP in my router. We can't ear each other. Quite strange since for many months last year we've used Voice chat every time with no probs. I've attached my log file, just in case anyone is able to help or suggest if and what we're doing wrong. Thank you all dcs.log
  2. +1 I also noticed that since the update I can run with better performance than before using the shaders and I now can even push with MSAA to 4x and it's still better.
  3. No Steam version. I'll try doing a Clean and Repair. Thanks
  4. Even deactivating the shaders, at the start-up same message appears.... any hint about how to solve? Thanks
  5. Hi, today I flew with a friend but voice chat still not working. Quite strange because we always used it with no probs (both of us with Rift S as always)...no changes.
  6. Fantastic!!! Can't wait to fly the payware full version, on board with a friend!!!
  7. I updated DCS yesterday but still didn't try! WOW, this is a great news then, excellent!
  8. Excellent, good to know. But I would expect Realteck and other pc audio drivers should be someway updated by W10...maybe not... I'll check this, thanks for the hints!
  9. Ok, interesting. I normally to send output out to my Rifs S plugged hedset, like always... I'll try too. Thank you!
  10. ...so, I'm not the only one. Any idea of how solve this? I tested everything, no good.
  11. Hi all, since not still 100% clear to me, few simple questions: 1) in case I create a server myself, e.g. to fly with friends, is it still possible to use SRS? 2) I mean, is the IP address to put in SRS config window the one indicated in the New Server config page during creation? Also, any specific port required like 5008 or so? 3) As an alternative, any possibility tu use an SRS public server (taken from an already existing public server), but still creating a server myself then being able to talk only with friends entering my server? Than
  12. After few months of pause, me and a friend of mine flew together, I made a server and like before we intended to use voice but we could no hear each other. Very strange, all updated (OB), all checked, voice input devices correctly set and so the rest ok, as well as port 10309 open as TCP/UDP on the router. Until last summer all was fine and working with voice chat too. Any idea? Thank you
  13. Wow...wow...e ancora wow. E' già stupendo la versione attuale, chissà questa!! E poi VR!! Complimenti davvero ragazzi, non vediamo l'ora di averlo e "volarlo"! Grazie
  14. Hi all, I'm just quite curious: I fly DCS in VR with Oculus Rift S and I made some tests editing _HMD.hlsl file, pushing the #MASKSIZE par down to 0.480 and it still looks great, no black borders or so seen inside. And great performance with the shaders, as always! Any feedback about this specific parameter from other Oculus Rift S users? I understand the parameter can vary depending on the IPD setting each one of us uses, nominal one is perfect for me anyway. Thank you and thanks again for all the efforts and the great job with these shaders!
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