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  1. Absolutely agree...clouds look pretty bad in Vr right now... Wonder if we can keep the other updates and just set the clouds back to what they were until Ed has a chance to work thier magic on them...
  2. Hi...

    Im number 407 on the ‘now serving 1-425’ list.  (twells555).  Not sure what I should do now.  Is it my time to order?

    Also, I see people on the list marked as ‘reserved’ or ‘on hold.  What is that about?  Is there a version 2 coming out in the near future which I should wait for?  
    Thank you, tim


    ps...tried to find answers in thr thread but it is ~111 pages long!11

  3. Whoah!!! When I read that first sentence I thought I was watching a 'Jabbers' video! lmao...
  4. I had this happening for a while...not sure what caused it since it had been working fine for over a year of usage. I think what I did which solved it was to go into the vaicom pro subdir in the voiceattack apps folder and deleted the config dir...after making a back up copy.....after making a back up copy...did I mention about making a backup copy first?....the config dir in there then restarted voiceattack and the config screen was coming up again... Say...did I mention the part about making a backup copy first in case it doesn't work? Yeah...you should definately make a back up copy fir
  5. The last few posts seem to have been the result of the short conversation between Woody01 and myself...regarding his refund efforts. There was no 'usual internet thing'...no generalizing...and not trying to influence anybody about anything. And come on, @imacken, for the last bunch of pages when you were seeking advice about your issues you didn't seem so 'happy' with your reverb...lol. Just seeking some information from Woody01. The fact is after using the Oculus Rift and then the Pimax5k for a few years, I love the Reverb...hands down the best VR experience I have had yet. And I
  6. @Woody01 - Thanks for the reply. I agree, I'm on my 3rd headset and second cable and still have problems with stuff they are sending. Nothing close to the way my original headset performed for the first six months. It was rock solid. Really a shame as you say. So did HP agree to give you the credit towards the G2, or did the store you purchased from (Not bought from HP?) man up and decide to do the right thing for you? I would be fine with a credit if it were offered from HP...when it was working the Reverb was the best of the vr headsets I've used hands down. No question.
  7. @Woody01 - Wondering how you made out with your Refund? I had the G1 2nd Gen reverb for about six months and it was Rock Solid. I really loved it. But after about 6 months it started a weird flashing of stuff behind me for a second or two when I would look to the left and especially to the left and down. (I do that a lot in DCS...lol). Hard to describe... HP was great and fast to send out a replacement, but that one had the original 'flashing' and also the right lens would start constant flickering after about 10 minutes. So then they replaced the cable but the problem was not solved.
  8. LOL...I've blown off my canopy more times than I care to count....just missing that little bit of lock at the end and I've got a carrier born ragtop!!!
  9. +1 on that....public relations...aiyahhh....you couldn't pay me enough to do that!!!
  10. Ok....what kind of beer do you favor....expensive drunk from a wine glass or gutter water from a crushable can?
  11. Thank you @AvmRider - Great software...working flawlessly for me. Do you have a paypal link set up so I can at least buy you a few beers or coffee?
  12. @Avantar - Sir, I've got your software installed and it works flawlessly. Just what I was looking for. As a coder myself I know how much effort it takes to put an app out and support it. So I wanted to send you a donation...at least buy you a few beers or a cup of coffee...but I don't see a donation link. Do you have a paypal donation link or something like that set up?
  13. LOL...But he started it!!!
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