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  1. Ah maybe i forgot to lock the laser to the new position. I only moved the targeting reticule - so may be i have to lock the laser - get the distance on skhval. Sorry for not speaking in the exact terms im no pro at the moment :)
  2. I fly with the Ka 50 and i noticed one thing - why is it, that when i'm in gun range, i can't hit a target even if it's like 1,5km away and i have the reticule exactly in middle of target all the bullets miss. Then i lock the target and suddenly every shot hits. Why is this? This does not seem like a realistic damage model...:hmm:
  3. Im also having these hard freezes in singleplayer since i instaled 2.5 :/. I only play SU25T so far but i did notice that the game hangs in certain mission couple seconds after i give my wingman an order.
  4. I have never poped a tired so can't really help you in this, however with the CCIP bombing - try to apply air brakes when diving. If you gain too much speed in the dive, the SU25 becomes nearly uncontrolable.
  5. hehe great. I think overal looks like vehicles with mounted machine gun which are not AA, are extremly dangerous in DCS also tanks which i think should be tweaked. If you imagine, pilots on older SU 25 without skhval, they had to get very close to ground targets to spot them visualy. They would be dead very quickly with such precison from the enemy.
  6. Yes that's true! Thank you all for tips :). I'm still getting downed very often in this mission however ;)). Im doing the Georgian Oil War campaign, i think its the 12th mission where allied forces advance. Somehow everytime they shoot me down i think Bradleys which is really weird. Are these vehicles and their canon really that good on air targets?
  7. Looks like problem solved:). Circle not on target was the reason
  8. This can be the problem! I have to try it out once i’m home. So the target needs to be in the circle all the time! I was not sure about this as i remember my missile fired also without this. Maybe i remember it wrongly
  9. Yep i get the laser indication on left side of the HUD. Then i try to fire...holding button nothing happens for about 3 seconds. Release, press again - sometimes it fires but sometimes nothing. I have to try again. This way i fly too close and get shot down very often..
  10. I can't understand why i can't shot the Vikhr missile after i have a clear lock on target in daylight. No clouds, sunny weather. It happens very often and is absolutely annoying because the 5-10 seconds of additional flying are enough to get killed by AA fire from ground units. Sometimes i have to override lock to shot as its not going to fire at all. And yes im holding the button. Not just clicking. Also im in the minimum distance to shot missiles according to my HUD, so its not a distance problem. I have to hold the button multiple times to get at least one shot in cca 5-8 seconds
  11. The same here... Had the exact same experience in mission where you fly to destroy comand buildings near airfield. I couldn't get a lock, no matter how i tried. There is something buggy with the mission or you need a night Pod? But as far as i remember there is good visibility in the mission so it has to be buggy. Shame because this ruined a bit the first experiences with this otherwise great sim!
  12. Big thanks to the devs! DCS 2.5 is a next step in great sim experience, propably the best out there yet! :) Performance is awesome and i look forward for the next modules especialy mi-24 and F-4.
  13. That's not true. I expressed my thanks to the devs many times also liking youtube videos etc. and i don't know a better sim than DCS. But a forum is mainly here for wishlists, bugs, suggestions. Or do you think it's already perfect? The speed factor could be because of bigger trees or maybe its something else. Point is, the feeling from speed is not correct and im not the only one who thinks so.
  14. On the pictures the trees do not look that tall i was sure they were taller. However then there must be something else killing the speed factor as the flight speed really doesnt feel real - it feels much slower.
  15. I would rather have fewer trees with the right scale though...
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