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  1. Same here, Viggen is crashing to desktop in MP servers when you select it 3080/i9 10900K, WIN10 pro.. all drivers updated .
  2. Your forgetting how these jets are sold and marketed.... wonderful road map and timelines, reality is empty promises and nothing gets completed, or its so slow, players give up and its long forgotten for the reasons above in my previous post. Anyone who's been around PC gaming, ( I have since the Vic-20) know no game is perfect and the fact is never will be, that's not the issue here.
  3. What did expect? lol .. I blame the players pushing devs, saying, I need this jet, I want this jet, they should make this jet... but yet have no clue the amount of work that goes into developing these jets, and then you have ED showing off a A6 in a official DCS trailer for something else and players assuming its a full fidelity aircraft that is just around the corner for release .. Meanwhile 3+ years on no sign of the Viggen been completed, players have moved on, I hardly ever see if been flown on MP servers. It's not bringing in the cash and HB are forced to focus on modules tha
  4. This is why the DCS needs the Tornado, if you know very little about the history this below video will bring you up speed, also no other jet in DCS can do what the Tornado's offers.
  5. All good points... Don't forget the Viggen that was released in Nov 2, 2017 for the Viggen and still not out of beta lol ... 3+ years ago. We still don't have an official mission for the the Viggen was designed for operating out of roads. While I agree on you waiting 1-2 years for a "proper" release, these 3rd party devs need the pre-release income to support their business which IMO is a dangerous game. The downside is 3rd party's devs feel pressured to release something, when they do lot's of bugs and issues and the buyer complains, kinda dammed if you do, dammed if y
  6. Here's a video of the take off and low fly by.. fun r/c jet to fly. Also might as well make the model :)
  7. Indeed, but you only need to look at the last 50 pages and see many people complaining, not just this thread but many many others all the way to ED's modules. My point is they know this going in paying for an uncompleted module, demand the next module while the 1st one they paid for is unfinished, developers see the $$$$ potential on cash today for something they don't have to deliver on and its another endless cycle of these threads, you paid for something that's unfinished and you pre-paid for a mod that's not released lol ..... how do players expect anything good to come that from scenario
  8. Absolute madness lol F15sE, Tucano are 5 year projects before they ever get 100% completed If at all ....... That's right kiddies keep throwing your $$$$ into projects that have unrealistic timelines to be completed, YOU KNOW THIS GOING IN but you still pay and then cry about it later. When I look at this RAZBAM need to be more responsible with silly teasers of what's coming down the line and focus and finishing modules. And where's ED in all this...???? Staying silent as usual just raking in the %%% $$$$ and laughing all the way to the bank your are expense LOL :megal
  9. What a cluster ...RAZBAM me has always been one of those Developers that over promises and under delivers on timelines, but honestly the only people to blame are yourselves, people keep asking for this and that.. I Demand the F-15E, are we there yet lol ... you guys are unbelievable, I say reap what you sow since you keep supporting them and throwing $$$$ until 3-5 year projects that never get completed. Personally I think they did a good job in the Mirage 2000, the FM is done very well but this community at some point has to look in the mirror and stop asking and paying for garbage let
  10. Tornado.... are there yet ? IF HB decide to develop it for DCS I say your at least 1/2 years out.
  11. I say ED take their time, any pre/beta release many people complain about this and that, look at the F-18. Dammed if you do dammed if you don't lol Don't rush it ED, no reason too...
  12. I'm going to try Wag's settings... I'm using the following Intel Core i9 10900K (CPU Liquid Cooling) 2080Ti 32 GB RAM FURY DDR4 XMP at 3200MHz 2TB M.2 PCIe SSD I'll let you know how it looks lol
  13. I'll get you better pictures but this is what's installed.
  14. This is my Eurofighter, has 100% scale cockpit (not installed at picture), disk brakes, takes the same fuel as the real version, produces around 40lbs of thrust from the Turbine and flies around 180mph if I want too, usually I'm in the pattern preforming high alpha maneuvers. Cockpit and air brake are controlled by the radio, complete functional nav and landing lights... and yes I have a pilot :)
  15. You might be right but what 3rd party has stayed within a reasonable time frame for final release. 3-5 years seems to be the norm in DCS, assure the player it won't take forever then say your sorry for the delay AFTER they have taken your money.
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