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  1. More importantly, wingman will not aknowledge nor follow order when he is on it's calling spree. You'll have to wait he's finished and then give him orders.
  2. Did someone tried to launch from behind ? I know it is highly unrealistic but it may be useful for EDs to debug ...
  3. Hi guys ! I'll report 2 minor bugs I found out yesterday (in minor, I mean can be worked around) - When linked to the carrier, static F-14B has its wings folded ... inside ! Almost like if it has not wings at all. It appeared with the latest patch. (I just put F-14A with Reflected Zone 5 skins and called it a day though) - The triggered action "switch radio frequency'' deletes the group flight plan and make them RTB. A little context here : I put a KC130, a E-3 and a Hornet (that would act as my flight lead) to startup on Incrilik AB. Their radios are set on 360.1. Big boys have a couple of WP to orbit to their respective AWACS and AAR duties and then go back to Incrilik at Bingo. There is a second trigger zone for them to switch their radio back to Incrilik when approaching the airfield. Each time a message is sent to coalition (unit - pushing channel ; mainly for me to keep a look on what is happening) They startup, take-off and when they reach the trigger zone to switch their radio to their respective freqs (E-3 and Hornet to 251, tanker to 261), their flight path disappears from F-10 map and they turn back to Incrilik and land. For the AI Hornet it is a little bit different since the landing point is set on CVN-75 nearby. Once he reaches the first radio switch trigger zone, his flight path disappears and he starts to act as if it wanted to land on the carrier (I never let the action roll on to that point though ...) I tried both triggered action "switch group radio freq'' and ''switch unit radio freq'' Same behaviour. Note that if you just put the desired main frequencies right away in the ME and delete the radio switch tiggered actions it works normally.
  4. Same thing with F-16 AI tasked to attack units, group or targets in zone. Custom mission strike on Kuweires, I took care of SA-6 radar but those F-16 won't engage AAA with their Mavs. I assigned ''engage targets in zone'' and specifically designed AAA units. I paid attention to remove the ''allow to abort mission'' thing in the advance waypoint settings. I thought it could be because SA-6 launchers were still up (but unable to do anything since the radar is down) ... but my F-15 and B-1 strike runs worked as intended (if you put aside the carpet bombing of the F-15s completely off the ramp they were designed to target) Note that those AIs never get a RWR warning from the SA-6 since I manually spawn them once the AO is cleared. Maybe it has something to do with the SEAD task ? I'll try with ''precision bombing'' task and see how they behave.
  5. Yep ! Happens to me with a custom AAR mission with a KC-130. Note that I just disconnected when the transfer was complete and did not ''abort rejoin'' before telling the wingman to refuel. That's why my wingman used the right hose I think. Wingman using the right hose never disconnects and I have to order him to rejoin. I'll add a trigger to monitor when he's full to see if it is the right hose that doesn't go well. Something to try : - Refuel with the right hose and monitor transfert rate, - Abort rejoin, get the wingman to refuel and see if he uses the left hose and how it's going.
  6. Hi ! Did an extensive AA training and fiddling with triggers yesterday. Going back and forth between Fly and ME and did not experience one crash. As always, started windowed, forced fullscreen with ALT+ENTER once in the cockpit for the first time and never touched anything back. I still have some black squares from times to times but no more crashes and no black screen that required to move the head either. Note that I'm quite convinced that those black things comes from AMD drivers doing their magic once again ... Still a couple of weird things happening with triggers and static objects but nothing negatively impacting the experience. Cheers !
  7. Confirmed, it works normally. I tried to load my SEAD mission several times in a row, both going back to ME and hitting ''Fly Again''. No crashes so far. One thing to note though is that I did not fly those missions when testing this. I just loaded the missions, got into the Hornet and started the battery to check my first triggers and F-10 options. I'm now going to work a little bit deeper on those and actually fly them (those missions take around 1h30/2h) I'll report if I encounter anything. But from here it looks solved. Thanks guys !
  8. I did the last update and it seems to work. Note that I cleared fxo and metashader2 folders (which is always empty now ...) just after updating. I always do this after every update and/or every modification in the display options tab. I did like I always do, start windowed, forced fullscreen with alt+enter and now I've been able to successfully load my own custom Hornet General Training Mission several times in a row, both from Mission Editor after modifying triggers or just by pressing ''Fly Again'' without having to go back and forth between windowed and fullscreen. Note that that mission is sensively less packed than the one I was previously flying (which was a SEAD training with SAMs, ground units, strike package, etc ...) I'll try again with that particular mission and report if it fails again. But for now it looks good.
  9. I think I may have something. The first times it was working like a charm and then it started to act as you guys said : DCS was crashing everytime I was loading a mission for the second time. It was crashing when the loading bar was full and saying ''mission load done'' or something like that. Even when pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL it was a pain to actually see Task Manager, DCS was staying on top. Fullscreen is not checked and I press ALT+ENTER when I enter the cockpit the first time (or anytime I go back to windowed mode if I need to check Chuck's Guide or StreamDeck app or anything and come back to DCS) Don't ask me why it works like this but if I check fullscreen, performance is terrible. So I have to start windowed and then fullscreen with ALT+ENTER. Anyway ... What I tried is to go back to windowed mode just before exiting the mission. And it worked. I can now load successively missions. If I don't do that and stays in fullscreen when launching the 2nd mission, DCS crashes ... 100% of the time. AMD 3600x 5700xt PULSE 32Gb RAM X470 Gaming Pro Chipset and GPU drivers up-to-date No mods I hope it can eventually help someone or ED to understand what's going on. But from what I see there is something going on with fullscreen ... It's weird because it was working fairly well like 3 days ago ...
  10. Do you guys have an email adress to share ? The mails I tried to send failed ''postmaster mail delivery failed'' ...
  11. I think the files are ''read only''. You'd have to modify this first and then open DCS and edit the mission in ME. If I recall correctly I had to do this to modify parking spots on the M2000 South Ossetia campaign. At that time AI planes would not leave shelters of spawn damaged or blown.
  12. Just got this app and will play around this afternoon with it. I would say right away that we would need a simpler way to integrate a two-way sync. The Stream Deck Plugin for DCS is quite awesome in that regard. Other than that, It looks awesome and their support was instantly responsive to my install problems.
  13. And in Mission 5 Texaco is not responding at the radio so AAR is impossible. In Mission Editor it has a ''silence'' as a task. I guess a trigger is supposed to unsilence it ? Problem is I got fuel emergency after being merged 2 times (27 and 29) What's the point of being unable to refuel when necessary ?
  14. Hmmm ... It may be that. I have the 3 positions binded onto the Hotas (Warthog Autopilot 3 way switch). I'll check if everything is allright. Thanks !
  15. I finished the campaign. My 1vs1 has greatly improved but I still get lost when there are multiple targets. I have the impression that Jester increases my workload, his calls confuse me, he pretty much never manage to STT a bandit dead ahead of loses the lock ... Fox3 shots are wasted everytimes. Basically, I find myself flying the Cat like I fly the M2000 ; survive until the merge. Anyway. That campaign was awesome my friend ! I liked your work for WWII, I wasn't disappointed. Now, I need to improve my BVR philosophy.
  16. Hi Mike ! It seems that tankers are not giving fuel for some reason. I'm connected, in formation, Tanker says ''you're taking fuel'' ... Jester is confirming ... And nothing happens. Fuel is not increasing, no messages from either Jester of Tanker ...
  17. Well, In this case I don't know how to proceed if the wingman/leader is not reacting to agression pre-merge/Eyeball VID.
  18. Hmmm ... we are into something here then. I got surprised by the WC the first time but then I got them in time. Now, if you say wingman isn't attacking nor defending it may be because I VID way too late. I usually keep my head in a swivel while cranking until I see and discard the WC, and wait for Jester to call ''that's a ...'' and then I press ''space'' to confirm VID and turn in to make a shot. Based on what you say, I will have to change my approach and VID myself using the TID and STT lock. I don't remember reading about that specific behaviour in the briefing but I may have missed it. If it is not written, maybe it would be worth it. Now I know what I can do differently and I hope to have better results Other than that, the campaign is great and the magic you did with different aircrafts doing specific manoeuvers is really working well to have enjoyable ''key moments'' Another fine work you did here !
  19. Hi guys ! Just to let you know that I had to AAR at the end of HOP 5 (I think) and I had the very bad surprise to follow 110X and end up turning around not seeing the tanker. A quick look at the F-10 map to discover there is a 110X beacon at the north of the Elgin corridor, not far from Texaco. I ended up getting to it using radar but definitely and tensed moment as I was left with 1500 pds of fuel ... We can of course modify the tanker TACAN freq with ME but the kneeboard won't be accurate then. So, be careful if you are very short petrol. Fly safe and enjoy !
  20. Thank you very much. I watched Growling Sidewinder and Ate's video about tactics and strategy and I'll try harder. I'll get to you if I cannot figure it out. Basically, I struggle with my wingman. He gets shot down in less than 2 minutes every single time. Then I'm left alone against 3/4/5 ... I'll get back to you if I can't do better. Thanks man.
  21. Downright impossible ... You nammed it. 1 vs ... is ok. But 2 vs ... no dice. The wingman/leader gets shot down pretty much 2 min max after the fight's on. You're left with alone vs 4 or 5. I'm certainly not doing well. I spend my time in survival and if I try to take an opportunity Fox 2 ... I'm dead sec later. For now it is a very frustrating experience ...
  22. Your campaigns are going zone 5 on quality my dear friend ! Just a quick question on the landing though : I see on the schema that we are supposed to turn on final just south of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, aren't we ? It seems that we have to use the intersection between the highway and the road that marks the limit of the racetrack facilities as a landmark as the 90 degrees point in the final turn ... but it seems to be quite a tight turn after you pass the abeam point. Could you make a map a little big bigger for us to get reference points ? (zooming on this one is not great ...) Merci camarade ! (j'ai vu que tu parles français alors je me permets ... Canadien, Français ?) Sinon encore bravo !! Les coms radio sont top et la gestion est super immersive !
  23. Outstanding !! It works like a charm I put pretty much everything I need in the pilot seat but now I'm getting started with the RIO. I would especially set up the lamps of the TID Display and the CAP windows. How do you guys find those ID's when they are not in the export script ? Do you create them with "random" numbers or do you have to find a specific one somewhere ? I would gladly contribute but I don't know how ....
  24. Congratulations !! Great to see that someone can deliver way better AI hehe ;-)
  25. To be honest I just skipped the mission. Something was wrong with mission 13 too but it worked nonetheless.
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