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  1. ''The LOST cue is updated based on A/C parameters, instead of the missile.'' There is definitely something I did not understand though ...
  2. If the AC radar loses the target, how will it insure the early guidance of the AMRAAM until it goes pitbull ?
  3. I thought the AMRAAM needed some early guidance by the A/C radar before going active ...
  4. Damn I need to think more before speaking. I was thinking replays were just ... replays (safe to say I never used them) I was imaging something to show my hands to check on my procedures, not realizing tracks contain key presses and other useful things. Sadly I won't be able to even turn on DCS in the next couple of weeks. So if someone can go at it, feel free. If not, I'll find time to set up something when I come back. Sorry for the rant though.
  5. Hmmm I did not realize that track replays would include switch presses and other stuff. I was thinking I needed to show my hands to check on my procedure. That said I don't understand how it could work at ED's since it is widespread that is not working. I have little to none free time for enjoying DCS. They want a short track meaning I cannot just save my next mission (generally 1+ hour) and won't have anytime in the next couple of weeks. If someone can do it, feel free ...
  6. It depends if 1- you can actually pickup moving targets in the open (try it in canyons or forest, it's way harder) 2- the Mav actually targets the very vehicule you want to shack if they are in a convoy, 3- there aren't any other heat signatures in close vincinity ... All in all, if the Mav isn't picking up the good target you're scr*wed. Yeah I reported it in the bug section after talking with other Hornet drivers that are experiencing the same problem. If you guys want to take some flying to time to provide a track then feel free. I won't spend 2 hours to imagine something with a GoPro to film my hands and my screen when it takes literally 5 minutes to put a target on a map, hop in a Hornet and verify that the Mav isn't slewing when it's been handed off from another sensor. I think that ''cannot reproduce / need track'' has been a very popular answer from ED lately and I find it very unpleasant. I kindly report bugs (if it is one in the first place) as a good willing customer. I'm not a paid Beta Tester. (Sorry dor the rant, it's been a long day) Happy hunting everyone !
  7. Hi Sir. And how am I supposed to do that ? Filming my hands and the screen with a GoPro ? Come on my friend. Just hop in the Hornet cold and dark, designate anything with the ATFLIR or the radar and lock it. Then hand-off to the Maverick, and try to slew it. It won't work. If it works for you then please describe step by step very precisely how you do it. That way we can check if we are all not doing something wrong. It is an Open Beta where we kindly report potential bugs for you to improve and develop your products. But we are not supposed to sacrifice precious minutes of ''flying'' just to figure how to report bugs. Every other Hornet drivers I talked with are experiencing this problem and it is now more a matter of how to work around this ... If it is supposed to be that way, so be it. But just don't ask me to sacrifice a couple of hours to elaborate a plan to show a bug. Just ... try it. Thank you Regards
  8. Correct. I just tried with an AG radar lock on a ship and slewing doesn't work either.
  9. Hi guys ! I see that a lot of us are struggling with the impossibility to slew the seeker of the AGM-65F when the POD is locked on something, should it be waypoint, scene of point track. The real problem is to fine tune the IR lock of the Maverick, especially with moving targets of target in close vincinity of other heat signatures. I found myself having to get the target with the POD, point the VVSL to the target, uncage the Mav, then go back to the POD to switch it to VVSL (and unlock) then switch back to the Mav to slew it and fine tune. But you guessed it, you lose your SA and have to search other vehicules of a convoy again. The workaround is to put Mark points in advance in the path of the vehicules ... not really great. All this because we can't move that goddamn seeker when the POD is locked. Now the question is : Is it a bug ? Or is it a limitation of the weapons and POD relations in the IRL Hornet ? Thx Simba
  10. Mark points is indeed a work-around but with moving targets it is still a PITA. I think I found a flow : - find my target with the POD, - start a slight dive engines in idle, - SSS left to Mav to uncage and hand-off the Mav seeker, - SSS right go back to the POD and switch VVSL (2 quick push on Target Unlock) - SSS left to go to the Mav again and fine tune with the TDC (I use the realistic) You'd better start from 10nm at least to give you time to fine tune. I've been launching Mavs almost point blank a couple of times but it kinda works. That's a hell of a terrible workflow just by not being able to slew the Mav seeker when the POD is locked. The cage/uncage repetition works a little when the target is static and in the open. But as soon as there are a couple of heat signatures in proximity or the targets are moving, you're screwed.
  11. Hi guys ! I've had problems recently of fine tuning the lock of the AGM65F (IR Mav) when I have a locked with the ARTFLIR. I cannot slew the Mav seeker. I have to unlock the POD to slew the Mav. If the POD is on point track or scene, (un)caging the Mav does not allow me to slew the seeker. So basically I have to lose my focus on the POD to move the seeker. I find this extremely difficult in terms of workflow. Is that something correct regarding the real aircraft or is it something like a bug or WIP ? Thx
  12. Just saying ... but saying nothing relevant actually. We hear that all the time and even people with high-end CPU's are still struggling, especially with VR. I myself have a 3600x and I have a overall good FPS performance with an overall beautiful game in 1440p (non-VR) but I cannot use anti-aliasing past 2x MSAA and no SSAA at all. Guess what, it tanks my GPU (RX5700xt) Scales everywhere ... I think I would greatly beneficiate of that free performance boost, even if I don't expect Spudknocker's videos quality. And it is not AMD bound, on the contrary of DLSS to be Nvidia only. We all know that DCS is very taxing on GPUs so what's the point on cherry picking ? My point is that there will be a point where DCS customers won't be able to go deeper into the game and spending money on modules and terrain if they cannot keep up with their setup and they will seriously reconsider spending more money into modules if they have to pull out 1500€ for a new GPU (in a year at best ...) You have to consider it as a circle. You have a beautiful and smooth game so : 1- you have a good experience, so 2- you want to invest time, so 3- you buy a new module, so 4- you buy new peripherals. 5- repeat from 1- Now, we cannot improve ourselves with GPUs. Stocks are near 0 for 1 to 2 years and pricing will prevent most of us to invest in both new DCS content and hardware (even hardware at all). As the game is growing it is becoming more and more taxing. That makes sense. But if you want to keep up the hype you have to help us keep a good experience.
  13. Hi there ! Is there any plans on working with AMD to develop FSR on DCS World ? It could hugely be profitable to all users and especially VR pilots. Considering the GPU shortage and pricing for the upcoming 2 years it could be very welcomed to have this technology to be added to DCS World. Syria at low altitude in the Hind or the Apache will be very taxing for most of our computers. I know it could be looked at being ''low level priority'' versus modules and assets but you should consider our ability to run the game smooth and beautiful if you want us to continue to spend money on it. And since FSR is supposed to work with Nvidia cards also maybe it could be the most profitable option for us all (instead of DLSS). Thank you guys ! PS : Can't wait for the Mosquito and the first pics of the Apache looks good !
  14. Did you selected the Stennis or a SuperCarrier boat and do you have the module installed and activated ?
  15. I save my custom bindings in a different folder, just in case an update messes with it.
  16. Kiss off is for the break over Mother. As I said, it happens once you contact Mother inbound, 60nm from the boat. Wigman will form up close on your right wing and will eventually ram into you.
  17. Note that it happens whether you have 1 wingman or more. It is not related to the number of aircrafts in the formation for what I know ...
  18. I observed this with Hornet lately but it may happen with other aircrafts ... Just fly a Hornet with wingmen by day and night and see for yourself. 2 has formation off by night and on by day. 3 and 4 act normally. Put them in finger 4 formation (to see them easily) Now, tell 2 to go elsewhere. 3 will move at the 2 position and will act ''inverted''. Maybe try with a few other aircrafts. Thx
  19. Thank you Sir. It will be fixed eventually I guess.
  20. That one is driving me crazy ! In CASE I, when you contact Mother for the recovery your wingman is forming up very close on your right wing as he always did. The problem is that now he is so close that he hits me every single time. I put the plane in ATC and baro-hold, nicely straight and level. I notice that sometimes wingmen will move erraticly up/down or forward/backwards for a few seconds. But until now it never ended up in collision ; and it only happens when forming up for recovery (when you contact mother for the first time) The only work around is to tell him to RTB after you called Mother Inbound ...
  21. I tried to set up a correct trajectory for the AI after a cat launch, meaning straight ahead for 7nm, 300kts 500ft, as Wags is suggesting in one of his excellent videos. What the AI is doing is going up and aside as it always did, and then manoeuver quite agressively to reach that waypoint. I guess there is a ''fixed'' cat-launch clearing turn logic that cannot be edited, isn't it ?
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