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  1. Disregard my last post, I removed the ''read only'' option from every folder (Eagle Dynamics to Raven One Campaign) I couldn't save in ME but when I launched the mission in the campaign, the deck crew I removed was indeed gone. Strange ... but it worked as intended. I completed the mission. Got thumbleweed a couple of times but the work has been done. I did not have a ''Mission Complete'' message once I trapped on Mother (maybe because I boltered or maybe because I altered the mission). Anyway, score 190 / result 100. I'm a happy hunter. @baltic_dragon In this mission the Tomcats had a Jolly Roger liveries and did not seem to be very combative. I splashed one with the gun but the pilot did everything to make it easy though.
  2. I can't save the mission in ME. Is there a way to modify the mission, save it and replace it in the original campaign folder ?
  3. I can concur on this. My wingman is stuck on cat2. I tried different things, launching, waiting ... he never launched.
  4. @NineLine @BIGNEWY Did you guys had time to check on the track I provided ?
  5. That was the point, having a constant TOT at my descent entry point. I asked about that because I see a TACAN O/S informations on the HSI menus. I couldn't find a way to populate them though. Mobius708, if I'm not mistaken you are a RL Hornet driver. I guess this is not something you guys are doing anyway. Thank you guys for your input.
  6. A potential way to check on this is to see if the coordinates are constantly changing on the JDAM TOO page while the target is moving.
  7. Hi guys ! Is there away to put an offest to a TACAN beacon ? I would use it to make a reference point from Mother in Case III trap, that way I can use the timer to be just in time to commence my approach with Time on Target for example. Is it something like that possible ? Thx
  8. I think it is because you habe to make a TDC depress on the FLIR page first. Scene or track will focus on an object but the TDC depress will actually designate the coordinates to the system, like you'd do for the JDAM and JSOW. For a moving vehicule the best way is to indeed undesignate when you are running in and slew the Mav. For fixed targets, just do a TDC depress before uncaging the Mav.
  9. I'll do another one then ... To be fair they asked for a track and it took me quite a while to post one (not been on DCS for quite some time because of work)
  10. That is nice. Actually I think the couple of times I noticed that the vehicules were going pretty much straight, one was a vehicule in the open and the second was a helicopter. Thank you all for your answers
  11. Hi ! I was happy to discover that my FLIR was keeping point track of a moving vehicule even after being masked. To be honest it's quite useful but a huge cheat I believe. Is that supposed to be normal ? Thx.
  12. The problem is exactly the same with the Litening and it doesn't solve problem with the HSI/SA waypoint designate. I suspect it is the same with AG Radar or even with a Helmet designation. Plus Litening wasn't used on Navy aircrafts, only ATFLIR. The solution is indeed to look for targets with the POD and undesignate when you are running in. Then BDA is difficult to achieve and it becomes very fiddly and you end up firing way closer to the target than you should. Now if it is a real life limitation, no problem. But nothing has been confirmed or infirmed on that matter yet ...
  13. And I tried with the Litening ... same. You cannot slew the Mav if you have designated a target by any other sensor, POD or HSI/SA.
  14. There you go ! See how I cannot slew the Maverick once the ATFLIR is in scene and pointed onto the vehicules. You'll see that I kept the TDC pressed and I have the realistic TC option boxed. If there were 2 vehicules nearby and the Mav was locking on the wrong vehicule I would habe been unable to reposition it. So ... is that supposed to be normal ? MavNoSlew.trk
  15. We say that we have TACAN issues on long flights and you are asking for short videos ... We can't edit track replays, can we ?
  16. I get the logic of the never-ending slewing to the pod SPI. So ... the question is now whether it is supposed to be like that in the real plane or is that a DCS logic bug ? Because mashing the un/cage button until it locks the good signature looks a quite terrible process. But maybe those 2 sensors aren't meant to be used that way or maybe it is just a limitation of the RL sensors. I just can't believe, with all the people that have this thing, that ED guys cannot reproduce the situation. Lock a target with the ATFLIR in scene of track, switch SOI, uncage the Mav and try to slew. It won't move.
  17. Could it be because you have an axis binded to the elevation ? I mean, if the auto mode gets to the correct elevation by itself then it adds your axis input to it ? Since IRL the command has a self center mechanism it isn't suppose to mechanically happen ...
  18. Oups, sorry for the double post. I looked for it but missed it. Maybe the admins can merge those 2 threads and ED release a quick solution in the upcoming days ? Thx.
  19. Thanks for the file mate and sorry for the double post. I swear I checked for an existing topic but I obviously missed it.
  20. Hey there ! Just to let you know that since the last update (2.7.8) some bindings have been deleted : Launch bar retract Launch bar extend Hook bypass Field Hook bypass Carrier The special on/off for momentary buttons are still present but the separate bindings for 2 positions switches are missing, so I can't use my fellow Winwing panel anymore on those bindings. A quick fix would be very welcome since I don't want to spend time to mess with the lua. Thx
  21. Always on single player. I've pretty much never flown in MP.
  22. Owh, I didn't know that. I'll give it a try then. Thank you
  23. Sorry for not having made that track, been on tour the past couple of months (finally ...) I'll retry it and post a short track in the next couple of days.
  24. Strange ... sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I always do the same cold start procedure so I align pretty much everytime at the same moment. Could it be related to the position of the donor ?
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