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  1. Still acting weirdly. I tried the Hornet Case 1 training mission on Caucasus. Flew it a bit and exited. I then went back to my custom mission on Syria and had the same crash (mission load done freeze) I restarted DCS and went back directly to my custom mission and could fly and refly again and again with no crash ...
  2. Second night of intensive training, still no crash. If you want a specific file to look for to compare let me know.
  3. I flew the whole evening the same custom AA combat training mission against Su-27s and Su-24s, over and over again. The bad thing is : I suck ... but that's not the point. Good thing though is that since I got killed numerous times I had to refly directly the mission (pressing ''Fly Again'') many times and did not crashed one single time. I did the clear temp thing, but I don't know if it's related. It didn't do any harm though. One thing I noticed, and I really don't know if it is relevant, is that some details are different from one refly
  4. Now that you are talking about pre-load radius I realize that crashes started just after I turned it down from full. Do you think having that pre-load maxed out could avoid the crashes ?
  5. I think you did not understand what I meant with different aircraft state. Fly the first mission with the aircraft cold and dark, startup, take-off, leave the mission ... and fly again directly. The fact that the aircraft was in a different state between leaving the first mission (running) and entering the second (cold and dark) could have been a factor for some reason. I came up with this idea because when it crashes DCS shows me a frozen image of the cockpit of my aircraft in its intended starting spot but running while it should have been cold and dark.
  6. I need further testings but it seems that NCTR option is reducing the radar ability to lock in TWS. I was having hard times locking targets in formation for AMRAAM release at 40/30 nm and when I unboxed NCTR I got immediat and consistent lock.
  7. Indeed, what I always did is getting the basket and going a little bit forward and up to give the hose some slack. Maybe I go too far. I'll try to stay just about the initial basket position and see how it behaves. Now when flying in close formation with another Hornet you cannot go below your lead wing level, the wash is quite strong. If you stay above, it's okay. Note that I don't mind changing my approach if it is needed. I've been doing things pretty much the same way across different modules, Mirage and Tomcat mostly, and always had quick
  8. Well, it passed in the exact same conditions it was crashing previously so maybe you nailed something here. I'd suggest you have a look at the tests I did since it's been the most consistent way to make the game crash or pass. I'll now fly my missions normally and see if I get to crash again. Thank you
  9. I maybe onto something again, aircraft state might be a factor. Here's the tests I did : Start windowed, forced fullscreen, aircraft cold and dark (inital state), exited while still on fullscreen, Fly Again - PASSED multiple times in a row. Start windowed, forced fullscreen, aircraft cold and dark (initial state), back to windowed, exited while windowed, Fly Again - PASSED multiple times in a row. Start windowed, forced fullscreen, aircraft running and airborne (after a complete startup and take-off from cold and dark), exited while still on fullscreen
  10. Soooo ... it is back. BUT ... It only happens on a second load. Let me explain : Again, force fullscreen when entering the cockpit and if I quit in fullscreen the game crashes on the second load (be it ''Fly again or loading from the ME). If I switch back to windowed before exiting the mission and refly or load again, no problem. Now is the weird part. If during that second load I force fullscreen and stay in fullscreen when exiting, the game won't crash. I tried 5 or 6 successive launches and the game did not crash.
  11. Hi guys ! I've been learning the Hornet for a couple of weeks now and one thing that I always find weird compared to other modules is the intensity of the wake wash. Flying in close formation with another Hornet is quite bumpy and the AAR is even harder. The Hornet is not really difficult to refuel though, especially coming from the Tomcat. But I always get a severe roll inward (right when I'm on the left hose, left when I'm on the right hose) KC135MPRS is really severe while the KC130 is a bit easier (due to speed I believe) Trimming .
  12. More importantly, wingman will not aknowledge nor follow order when he is on it's calling spree. You'll have to wait he's finished and then give him orders.
  13. Did someone tried to launch from behind ? I know it is highly unrealistic but it may be useful for EDs to debug ...
  14. Hi guys ! I'll report 2 minor bugs I found out yesterday (in minor, I mean can be worked around) - When linked to the carrier, static F-14B has its wings folded ... inside ! Almost like if it has not wings at all. It appeared with the latest patch. (I just put F-14A with Reflected Zone 5 skins and called it a day though) - The triggered action "switch radio frequency'' deletes the group flight plan and make them RTB. A little context here : I put a KC130, a E-3 and a Hornet (that would act as my flight lead) to startup on Incrilik AB
  15. Same thing with F-16 AI tasked to attack units, group or targets in zone. Custom mission strike on Kuweires, I took care of SA-6 radar but those F-16 won't engage AAA with their Mavs. I assigned ''engage targets in zone'' and specifically designed AAA units. I paid attention to remove the ''allow to abort mission'' thing in the advance waypoint settings. I thought it could be because SA-6 launchers were still up (but unable to do anything since the radar is down) ... but my F-15 and B-1 strike runs worked as intended (if you put aside the carpet bombing of the
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