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  1. With more and more naval jets, the super carrier, Kunetsev, multi crew and long range weapons, a naval bases map is gonna be great. Now if I could just get ED to make a naval helicopter...
  2. Absolutely. I would buy this in a heart beat and I know alot of the community would be behind it. Period and country specific units would be fantastic. Good luck in your talk with ED. Wags, if your reading, we all want this
  3. Well, you had my attention but now, you have my money. This is a day one buy for me.
  4. There isnt sadly, or for slot of the more advanced weapon systems.
  5. If you fly without the Wings of the Apache soundtrack playing, are you a even a real Apache pilot?... 21.Fire Birds 1991 - Nicolas Cage - Tommy Lee Jones - Sean Young.mp4 - YouTube
  6. Definitely. Its one of those things where id be happy if ED did something that's an approximation but i know they are committed to as cose to realisim as possible. As you say, the new engines and folding blades shouldn't be a problem.
  7. The British Apache was based on the D model, Changes from the AH-64D include Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322 engines, a new electronic defensive aids suite and a folding blade mechanism allowing the British version to operate from ships. The mark 1 is being replace din service by the AH64E so it might have the data available, it had more powerful engines than the US D model had at the time and was better able to cope with the hot and high conditions of Afghanistan. The ability to work on ships could bring some variety to missions and the defensive suite would bring more of a fightin
  8. Scottish and ex military/police so the lingo is familiar to me. Send me a PM with the details :)
  9. Friday. Probably to give them abit more time to get some F16 bug fixes in.
  10. Free flight is your friend. For me with the F18 that I'm studying at the moment, if I want to learn a new system or weapon ill look at youtube videos, read chucks guide or other online guides, load in and then put auto speed, heading and height on and just play with it. Ill then move on to training missions if there available. Breaking it into chunks like this makes it easier. I always practise the basics first and get them down before anything. At a basic standard you should be able to turn the plane on using auto start for some stuff if needs be, taxi, takeoff, turn on and operate the ra
  11. Obviously im still abit wary given the Gazelle situation but if you can show us the progress you have seen to have made and bring the standard up to were it needs to be, ill buy day one. Good luck to you.
  12. I'm sorry but you just asked people to speak in a professional manner, then proceeded to speak to one of your customers in this way and expect us to now treat you seriously? If you wanna be treated as a professional company, then please act like one. Can you imagine a large multi national company responding to a customers feedback in that way? As others have pointed out, when you defensively fire back at people saying they are just conjecturing, not only does it you look petty and unprofessional, you look ridiculous when you yourself point out that you do not have the data and are merely "c
  13. Haven't bought a campaign yet but this is day one for me.
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