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  1. Hi, I am busy working on an exciting campaign for DCS. I am looking for voice actors to record some of the dialogue. There is no payment for this project but you may end up being part of the campaign and live in DCS history. If you would be interested then please PM to register interest. I may not get back in touch right away but will send you the script once the missions are sufficiently developed. Thanks in advance Cheers Stevie
  2. Thanks Kaba that worked a treat. Should have noticed that myself
  3. Hi, DCS 2.7 I cant seem to select ground vehicles for Insurgents faction in the ME. I can choose only 3 infantry units. This is strange as I could previously. Not sure if this is a 2.7 issue or not? Can anyone help? Cheers Steve
  4. Hi Nick, I checked the missions (V14) and cant see anything wrong. Thought it was maybe random system failures in mission settings or something but im really not sure. Sorrry I cant be of more help Nick. Will come back if I find anything. Cheers Stevie
  5. Not sure? Very Strange? Will take a look at this Nick
  6. Fascinating map of forces and points of interest, Syria and surrounding areas https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1M-_ymjR9xwOK7KMikOcUFSAE1ac&ll=36.03414564373511%2C37.36432349847946&z=9
  7. MISSION UPDATED JAN 29th 2021 This Mission is NOW even better! The AI has NOW BEEN FIXED and BOTH RAF TORNADOS fly the route perfectly. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSION 1.8 updates***** • Tornado wingman Ai aircraft now flies the route properly like his flight lead. • Extensive work to make this flow and time correctly • RAF Tornados now perform route splits and joins - for added routing options • Flyover at Kobuleti and finals lap added for realism. • Route fine tuned for optimum flow and terrain following
  8. Eduardo, Thanks for the link. Will update my files.
  9. Thanks for the work on the VPC Airfield Equipemt MOD> It has inspired several base builds of which I am currently releasing. For me its essential for the Caucasus Map airfields - which are so bare. Here is one of my base builds (Fast Jet training base - RAF Sukhumi) https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313806/
  10. Split audio is working a treat in DCS now, well done chaps
  11. Mmmm. Overlord audio is transmitted via aircraft radios and all AC are pre tuned to that frequency. See attached PDF in mission download> Not sure what you mean about 1 out of 3 missions? This is one mission? Can anyone assist with this and know why the f10 comms menu isnt displaying properly.
  12. Hi, My latest Persian Gulf mission is now live. Since its been 30 years since Gulf War 1 I have included a tribute to those who served. Any feedback or comments would be appreciated. Cheers SB Experience the beauty and tranquility of the Persian Gulf as the sun sets in this immersive and exciting DCS flying experience. Cruise down the coast at low level in close formation with four RAF Tornado Gr4s. Perform a spectacular flypast at Ferrari World before taking in the night lights of Abu Dhabi. This HIGHLY IMMERSIVE mission features full custom au
  13. This problem seems to have been fixed in the latest update (Jan 2021). My audio is now perfectly routed to Rifts headset (radios/comms) and surround sound system (main sound) Thanks

 Escort a flight of RAF Tornados (PONTIAC) as they carry out an armed reconnaissance sortie near the Syrian border - Single and Multiplayer - Fly solo or SPAWN Ai wingman - Follow the flight or LEAD the formation via comms menu - Attack ground targets - PUSH other AC onto targets - Comms, SFX & Music - Mission Ending - Will receive updates and any fixes 

 Single Player & Multiplayer - up to 4 players

Easy and fun for beginner and pro alike

 Mission Time: 
 Around 45 mins

  15. Mission Now updated to V 1.4. ===================== Added Swedish AJS37 Fixed F-14B issue Thanks
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