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  1. Ha excellent, its flying therapy! Thanks for letting me know, now im smiling
  2. Hey glad you enjoyed the missions and thanks for the feedback. Optimisation is an important part of VR for DCS, agreed, and part of mission editing too as im finding out with all maps
  3. Thanks for all of the feedback. Its taken a while to read through it all but has given me some time for thought. Im now leaning towards the Pimax8kx VR which seems fantastic. Will add to this post as I progress...
  4. My current PC SPEC: (updated) GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Intel i7-7800X CPU @ 3.50GHz, 6 core ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTREME (MB) 32 GB RAM () RiftS - To summarise, its looking like a new pc build to house a 3090 card or upgrade system above with new processor and extra 32gb ram - comments on above system upgrade? VR wise, I still need to do some more research. RV2 would be my choice but also considering Varjo VR-3 if I can make it work Thanks
  5. Thanks for letting me know. I guess im looking at a full pc build now then
  6. will try that When you put it like that wow! Is expected I guess, thanks for replies
  7. I am looking to purchase a GTX 3090 soon. I have NO idea which one - PLEASE ADVISE - NO NONSENSE They are many brands like below chart... https://www.neogamr.net/best-rtx-3090/ I will buy from UK supplier like https://www.scan.co.uk/shop/computer-hardware/gpu-nvidia-gaming/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3090-graphics-cards Aim to run either Varjo or RV2 VR. CURRENT SYSTEM: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7800X CPU @ 3.50GHz 32 GB RAM WIN10 Current resolution: 1920 x 1080, 60Hz ASUS RAMPAGE IV MB I also play NON VR too Thanks in advance
  8. Yeah, Scenery Destruction is causing chaos in Syria (Aleppo). Even with smaller zones. Maybe its just too FPS heavy in that populated area? Mission wont even load in many circumstances.
  9. Hi, Created Scenery Destruction in a normal trigger zone (both circular/quad) over Aleppo, Syria. Caused continuos crashing and wont load mission. When trigger removed, mission works fine. Now testing further. Ta
  10. Hi, I am busy working on an exciting campaign for DCS. I am looking for voice actors to record some of the dialogue. There is no payment for this project but you may end up being part of the campaign and live in DCS history. If you would be interested then please PM to register interest. I may not get back in touch right away but will send you the script once the missions are sufficiently developed. Thanks in advance Cheers Stevie
  11. Thanks Kaba that worked a treat. Should have noticed that myself
  12. Hi, DCS 2.7 I cant seem to select ground vehicles for Insurgents faction in the ME. I can choose only 3 infantry units. This is strange as I could previously. Not sure if this is a 2.7 issue or not? Can anyone help? Cheers Steve
  13. Hi Nick, I checked the missions (V14) and cant see anything wrong. Thought it was maybe random system failures in mission settings or something but im really not sure. Sorrry I cant be of more help Nick. Will come back if I find anything. Cheers Stevie
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