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  1. Wow $10.000 ...very very nice! Tks all you that expended your time to do this passible. Congrats to the champion and to the finalist guys! Great job! :beer:
  2. The situation is that people want to fly in a simulator that is as real as possible. Buy the most expensive computers, the most top equipment. However, in order to have a real simulation, we need to act realistically. What people are failing to understand is that there is no way to make a tournament realistically if they don't want to fly by obeying rules that are obeyed in real life. Half of the simulation is done by the simulator. The other half is made by those who fly it. It is not enough to have the most real simulator in the world if you do not act in a real way; performs the procedures
  3. For inconvenient guys...the thing that military pilots do most in their careers is to follow orders. If it is stipulated that the g limits are not to be exceeded, they will not exceed ... and will not contest. If you don't know to obey orders, you are not a military pilot, not even a military man. At no time was it asked whether or not you agreed with the g limit. The only option given to you is whether or not to register for the tournament. Do you want realism? This is realism. End. On the other line. Paragraph. Turn the disc. Move on.
  4. Is it a political issue or is it about Fight for Honor tournament, to raise money and a little support for military families? It looks like those Whatsap policy groups hehehe. If you want to talk about over-g, create a separate topic for that. People are coming here to chat and read about the tournament, but the only thing they find is "over-g, over-g". And, please, more respect with Mover. He had the good will to create / encourage the tournament in order to raise money for the charity campaign but I believe he is almost sorry for that hehehe. If you wanted to participate in the tournament, y
  5. Whats up man. I edit their HT to explode at 1000ft. By default, they are configured at 1500ft. 1500 I was not successful, but with 1000ft I was successful.
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