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  1. Coming from TrackIr this is extremely immersive and very cool but unfortunately left me with really nasty motion sickness and headache. lol... I tried to give it another go later on in evening and the same thing happened. Unfortunately its not for everybody. I'll be returning it and sticking with my TrackIr.
  2. Im very excited to receive mine today. When I tried the original Rift I remember the SDE inability to read cockpit info was a total let down, made things unplayable for me. I hope this will change my mind about VR so I can avoid having to buy another TrackIR setup, or waiting till September for the Valve Index
  3. On its way! Mine is on its way, ETA is tomorrow by 9pm. Original schedule was for Thursday and I had the day off to make sure I receive it... Thanks for the early delivery Amazon but now I gotta sit and pray that no one sees my package just sitting on my door step for 8 hours while Im at work. :( :doh: Looking forward to hearing all the results, reviews and tips today. :)
  4. Wow what an easy fix. Thanks a bunch! Anyone know how to get my Joystick Modifiers to work? They seem to be highlighted in RED.
  5. I got to test it out today. Finally! Its much better :lol::lol::megalol::pilotfly:
  6. The difference is very noticeable and already looks better. I still think maybe a little too dark but definitely much better. Im assuming just lightening the color even more will clear it up more? Nice find!
  7. I've been bugged about this for so long now. Would it be possible for someone to just create a Mod for it?
  8. Is the green tint on the windscreen pretty accurate? To me it feels to cloudy and vibrant in color and sometimes ruins my gun runs.
  9. I think this is a great idea and hope that it brings more players to our community. My only gripe is that I I spent so much on the recent Summer sale... If I'd of known about this Id of waited since I prefer the simple models instead, plus this seems to contain the models that I purchased. Anyway, still a happy camper and looking forward to learning more.
  10. Agreed! It's such an ugly feeling when you start a new mission and invest over an hour, only to get shot out of the sky by AA because you became impatient and decided to strafe a truck convoy in-between waypoints. Thats what I love about this sim, unlike other sims out there you really need to make life decisions, otherwise its just a waste of time. Thats what makes this sim different and fun. :pilotfly:
  11. Spitfire - Issue with 3d Model, Rudder to Fuselage area Noticed this immediately after the recent update. Looks like the 3d Vertices which connect the fuse to the Rudder are offset. Here is a before and after picture
  12. Hey guys, I noticed an odd change to the Spitfires tail section after the recent update. The top fuse, area just before the rudder seems to have an odd change to the model. Looks almost like they removed some of the 3D Vertices used to round out the area and now it gives it a sharp curve instead a nice smooth curve, right where the rudder meets the top of the fuselage. Im a picky guy with detail so the minute I loaded it up right after the recent Spitfire/Normandy update I immediately noticed this. Anyone know if this is a known issue?... Pics are below
  13. This is pretty much what I get. I've just did a full nuke and reinstall for the game and still no luck. Im using OvGME and also installed it manually. Not sure what the deal is. I guess ill have to pass on it.
  14. Hello guys, really wanted to use this older Coast Guard skin but its not working in game. It shows up in the selection box, I select it but its just a default skin. I've already made sure its set to USA for the country. Any ideas? :helpsmilie: Download Link - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1552814/?sphrase_id=12193649
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