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  1. Okay so I ended up raising a ticket in the end , I had to try some things like repairing , reactivating and whatnot which didn't work. Ended up sending some logs and as it turns out there was an issue with NS430s .dll file being accepted. Eventually Support told me to just delete and reinstall everything. And Lo and behold https://pasteboard.co/HmbU2ZY.png It works. TL : DR Game install was either broken or not installed correctly , clean install fixed everything. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys this problem was driving me nuts. :D
  2. I tried that just now but its still not working. :doh: Is it possible that something went wrong on the activation server somehow? Cause like all my other modules work perfectly fine and it seems like this particular one is being a pain for no good reason.
  3. I just checked and it was already applied , so i don't think that's going to fix it. Also if its any help its also activated in the mission editor. But yeah the whole thing is a bit strange.
  4. Hiya , so I've had this issue for a while that the NS430 wont show up in cockpit even though its activated. Even when I try the training mission for it , the narration from the trainer tells me to press buttons and to open a separate window and whatnot but i cant since the GPS doesn't exist :( , any idea whats going wrong?
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