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    you name it, been flying sims since Microprose F-19 wire-frame.
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    I.T. Weasel now, was once a Tomcat Tweaker (AT IWT VF-33 88-92) in the U.S.Navy.
  1. Porcorosso86 - Love the VF-33 skins my friend, much thanks! I was in VF-33 and you're skins portray the very best paint schemes we had precisely during the time I was in the squadron. 88-92.
  2. RESOLVED: Thanks for the feedback you guys. Turns out it is conclusive... I'm an idiot. I guess I must have had the trim really wacked out and the FFB axis did need to be swapped after all. I had not ever used the controls indicator and was not aware of the little tick mark that shows you where your trim is set. Corrective action was to center the trim and swap the FFB axis. All is well. Very happy and glad to have learned a few things (albeit somewhat embarrassed). The thing that was leading me away from thinking it was trim or FFB axis was that the HCU in the back seat had the same be
  3. no luck. I though it was trim but the HCU has same problem. Tried swap axis and FFB tune but that doesn't effect it. While the stick is centered well, it's just the FFB that is pushing hard right and some forward. Even the F-14 RIO HCU is sentered but you have to fight the FFB to keep it centered. It's like a need a FFB recenter reset option somewhere. Shame. It was working fine since I've been in the F-14 module. I have to assume a patch screwed it up. I made no changes to cause it. The force feed back really was working very well and had a great feel. I got a chance to fly th
  4. So, I may be a jackass. Trim seems to be solving the problem although oddly, trim is left wing down = pitch up and right wing down = pitch down or some such BS. Still working on it. I didn't change anything to get this all F'd up. Whatever works. I'll try duct tape next.
  5. gosh, since F14 came out, my SW FFB stick has been perfect :) now after this last patch and maybe also since last patch .190 The FFB keeps sending me into a half right roll and a little pitch down. Tried all the obvious things: - tried power off everything, center the stick, plug it in (both Power and USB) then bring everthing up and try it. same lean - tried game controller calibration, and then also with the first thing... no change - looked all thru the DCS controls , no sign of a recenter for FFB or stick. - joy stick centers fine in calibration but once it gets a FFB cue it goes r
  6. We need a good VF-33 paint scheme in my opinion: VF-33 IWT 88-92 USS America :)
  7. BlacleyCole - love the icon pal, that's my home town Football teams logo. Atlanta Falcons.
  8. I did see OvrDrop but since I have not been using Steam, thought it might not be the best option. I'll check it out. I do have steam, I just do not run DCS thru it. Thanks for the advice, I'll check it out.
  9. yup, figured it out. Thanks.
  10. I run a Alienware Aurora R6 with a Oculous Rift and all is well. I'd like to have sort of a virtual "kneeboard" so to speak (picture in picture) in a small window inside the cockpit while in oculous like maybe up to the left so I can watch youtube tutorials/how-to videos for systems while actually in the VR headset. I think I've seen guys do this in you tube videos but I'm not sure if that is post processing or if they are actually enjoying the little picture in picture while they use their VR headset. Can you guys point me to where I can figureout how to do this or give me some buzz words to
  11. Can any of you give me some hints on how to add my beloved F-14a VF-33 bird into the SceneVR.lua?
  12. good thing you had that spare vertical stab....
  13. Holy cow!! this new module is making me a simulator crack head. If they add some pitching deck night recovery action this thing will never get turned off.
  14. Is there a way to buy a module for someone as a gift? Is there a secure and reliable means to buy a module for another person ( in this case a complete stranger ) so that that person can enjoy the product without there being any means for that transaction to be exploited to abuse the person providing the gift? I'd like to help a few folks out getting into the game but do not want to expose myself or my account.
  15. Thanks for the update and from a former F-14a Tomcat tweaker... Take your time and may you be richly rewarded for your efforts. I love the attention to detail that DCS inspires in all of those who are drawn to it. This particular module is of course anxiously awaited. Just fact that there is a team working on it is wonderful. Never have I been so excited awaiting this a detailed reminder of my youth. You should be well rewarded for your efforts. If you should find it in your wheelhouse to crank out an A-6 or AH-64 in the future, I'll be following closely. Good work to all of you,
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