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  1. There's (kinda) one already: @RAZBAM_ELMO should we think about improving the suggestions from that thread and put them in a more "organic" way, or they're good as they already?
  2. Belle le skin! Sono pubblicamente scaricabili?
  3. Non posso che unirni a quanto detto dagli altri: pur apprezzando anche il lato single player di DCS (ho fatto tutta la campagna del Mirage ed è stata davvero carina), il divertimento, l'immersività, il senso di comunità e di essere parte di un "grande organismo" che ho trovato nel gruppo in cui volo adesso è impareggiabile. Anche io sono stato in VIAF una quindicina di anni fa tra l'altro, e proprio memore di quella bellissima esperienza la prima cosa che ho fatto quando sono tornato su DCS è stata proprio trovare un gruppo con cui volare. Per me non c'è modo migliore di vivere questa passione.
  4. According to the Official Manual (page 227), 530D shouldn't be used on pylons 1 and 9. EDIT: Apparently I'm so dumb I read Fox-1 instead of Fox-2. Forget everything I said.
  5. In normal operation, the GCS (Backup Gyroscope) must be in the middle position, which means that the standby gyroscope is powered but in standby.
  6. I have mapped all my VTB switches to my Warthog profile. Anyway, when I use the N switch to change the TDC Bullseye, it does not always work: the switch actually moves (so DCS gets the input), but the effect is not always registered by the VTB. Using the switches in DO mode instead seem to work fine, even the same N switch that works fine in DO mode. Track attached. VTB_N_Switch.trk
  7. I can confirm the issue. Funny thing is, if you use the "Cockpit Indications Fix" by Sedenion at https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/mods-and-apps/257084-mirage-2000-cockpit-indication-fix, it works correctly.
  8. Oh yeah, this makes so much sense. Well, damn, this is critical then :/
  9. Uhm... sorry, just to understand: are we talking about the PREP+NN+VAL to mark waypoints in the VTB? If so, why you also report it for waypoint 00? It's never shown in the VTB, am I right? Anyway, I can confirm that since the previous updates (57949) I had some troubles placing waypoints in the VTB, so I really hope we're talking about the same thing.
  10. Hello, I would like to "officially" report as a bug what is being discussed here: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-f-5e-tiger-ii/7114676-rwr-indicator-control-power-button-bug Basically, when using keyboard or joystick to power up the RWR, the switch is depressed as soon as the key on keyboard/joystick is released. The original thread also has a solution (apparently tested, not by me, for joystick only -- not tested on keyboard). It would be nice to have it fixed officially.
  11. There's a mod that allows for NVG brightness adjustment, but IIRC someone said it's not realistic
  12. Police Light never worked. Sound is supposed to be reworked but no estimation yet, but there's a nice mod somewhere
  13. Uhm... I was sure I could constantly get to the 5nm range with the TDC. I have to double check, perhaps it changed in the latest beta... or I could simply be wrong.
  14. You can have 5nm moving the TDC in the bottom edge of the VTB. Same for the high edge, you can reach 320nm
  15. È errato dire che la Diamond è senza datalink e la Gold è con datalink. Il Datalink dipende dagli aerei che si scelgono, non dalla categoria. Se parli dell'AWACS, che è ovviamente tutt'altra cosa, è presente sempre in Gold e in alcune missioni in Diamond, a seconda della missione che viene scelta tra le squadre.
  16. Happens from time to time. Close DCS and restart; if problem still persists, check your keyboard bindings.
  17. I'm not saying it's not correct, but only that you cannot select the tanks you're dropping. You either drop all of them, being empty or not, or none of them.
  18. Yes, you're right... My bad. Well, the answer is "no" anyway, unless (I think?) you emergency-jettison everything, but you have to make sure you have nothing execpt Magics in outer pylons.
  19. No. By the way, if you would bring three tanks and not just one, you would drop them altogether anyway. You can only jettison per armament type, not for "empty/not empty".
  20. Ok, I'll resume turning radar altimeter on at startup during my training. I hope everything will be fine!
  21. Bumping the thread up, hoping that Elmo notices this :)
  22. I've been noticing this for quite some time now. I have another track: Caucasus Free Flight Start, PCN will start showing the wind direction only above 17000ft. Tracks and weather conditions attached. DV_FV.trk
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