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  1. Beh... mi sembra pacifico. Pensare di avere le nuvole, e chissà quali altri miglioramenti sotto il cofano, e non pagarne il prezzo in termini di richieste hardware mi sembra un po' irrealistico. "Also, those commenting about Vulcan, it is not a silver bullet to make older systems ad good as new ones, and Vulcan allow wont make huge differences, the total work on the graphics engine should help, but understand, DCS is moving forward, along with computer hardware." (NineLine qualche commento più in basso nel post che hai linkato). Queste parole andrebbero scolpite nella pietra.
  2. I never had any issues removing chocks, I only pay attention to keep the throttle idle.
  3. Use RD/TD on the INS and use the right side to enter in how many minutes and seconds you want to reach the waypoint (must be between 50% and 150% of current TOT, that you check with TR/VS). Then push TOP and follow the chevrons. Only TD is implemented, not RD. All written in the manual.
  4. Ok! I hope there are no file conflicts between the mod and the hotfix! EDIT: scratch that... I made that comment because I installed the hotfix with Open Mod Manager in order to keep the base DCS folder clean, but I think that's pointless. I'll extract the hotfix straight in the folder overwriting the original files and then put your mod upon it. Whenever we'll get the next DCS update I'll do a repair and that's it.
  5. Just one question about the hotfix: your modes also includes ALL of it? In other words, installing your mod ALSO installs the hotfix?
  6. Well, just open an issue in their github repo! The developer is quite active, he will address it eventually
  7. The point is that I'm already running latest beta... Maybe I should try uninstalling, something may have been left over from the previous stable installation
  8. You may want to take a look at Briefing Room for DCS, a little gem that can create a mission quickly but with a lot of customization. Just generate it outside of DCS, save it in the DCS Saved Games folder and fly. You'll also get a nice spoiler-free briefing.
  9. I'm interested in this too, but cannot try right now because of a data migration in my PC. Please let us know if you manage to use the dial!
  10. Uhm... as I said I'm a new customer, but I'm quite confused here. What is it exactly that never worked? The slider in the Gametrix application or the rotatory know on the JetPad remote? And, speaking of this, how is it supposed to work exactly?
  11. Uhm... I think there's something wrong with the "Start with Windows" options. As soon as Windows starts I can find the icon in the tray, but right clicking and selecting "Start SimShaker Aviators" I get an exception complaining a file not found. Exiting the app from the tray and opening it again apparently fixes the issue. Has this been reported already?
  12. Ok, thanks to Andre's support it seems I could fix my issue. Apparently there was a bit of a weak contact between the 13 pin connector and the remote. I disassembled the remote in order to check voltages, and when I reassembled it Zone 1 came back alive. Let's hope it holds!
  13. Ok... I would target around 150 with your payload. I mostly use the Mirage in air to air configuration, that's why I remembered a slower rotation speed.
  14. Well... I may be wrong, I can't try right now. But anyway, just a simple test, try to take off with the bar pulled since the beginning, just to see the rotating speed. 180 is way too much anyway. Also, of course the payload will matter: how much weight are you carrying?
  15. In my experience you bust you're tires when rotating too late, never when rotating too early. I always rotate as soon as I can (110-120knots) and never bust a tire.
  16. Hi all! Yesterday I received my SimShaker JetPad and It's great! Although I'm afraid Inreceived a somewhat defective unit... It seems that one of motors (marked as #1 in the GameTtix utility) is dead: it's not moving in the test utility, nor in SimShaker for Aviators or DCS. Altlready tried to reupload the firmware and checked that all the pins are perfectly fine... Does someone have some tip? Please tell me I don't have to ship it back... EDIT: My mistake, it's not Motor #1 but Zone #1, so both motors of the left lower side. Other motors are fine. EDIT2: Ok, I opened the pad in order to obtain more informations with the multimeter. Here's what I gathered: 1- When testing zone 1 to test with the Gametrix utility, there's 0 volts between the pins at the M2 socket (the one wired to the zone 1). I tested other zones and they showed ~8V when testing that zone 2- There is continuity between the M2 socket pins and the motors 3- I also tested the power source, and it's outputting a stable 12.17V So, my very limited knowledge of electronics tells me that the problem is either in the firmware (but as I said, I already tried a restore), in the board itself or in some of the wirings coming from the cables. The wirings from the board (M2 socket) to both motors seems ok.
  17. Domanda banale: sei sicuro di star trasmettendo sulla radio corretta?
  18. Yes, something must have gone wrong with the LOD definitions.
  19. When in List->DLINK->Page 2, using the dobber I can select the datalink callsign number and then callsign letters; antway, using the ICP up/down only has effect on the first letter (which is highlighted) but not the second one. Another dobber down moves the cursor to the Flight Lead line, so there seems to be no way to change the second letter.
  20. I don't have any issue with it in BuddySpike and DDCS. Do you have any other mods perhaps?
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