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  1. Not commenting specifically on this particular stick, but on the B-1, the trigger has 2 detents. During terrain following ops, pulling to the first detent temporarily disengages the TF set from providing pitch inputs and allows the pilot-flying to maneuver the aircraft in pitch. Releasing the trigger resumes TF ops. Pulling the trigger to the second detent permanently disengages the TF set from providing pitch inputs. A different switch must be re-engaged to resume TF ops. In both cases, the TF set is still on and calculating a flight patch and playing climb/dive tones over the ICS. This
  2. Mine arrived in Cincinnati yesterday late evening. Scheduled for delivery (South Dakota) on Monday, but we shall see if it gets here Friday.
  3. Maybe it includes not only VAT, but also shipping via airlift instead of the normal slow boat shipping container? The description says "Modern Combat Grip Ultimate Edition (MCG U) via China Express Airlift"
  4. The metal body isn't a huge selling point for me, other than the fact UIV said (interpreted by crappy Google Translate) that the surface has a rough texture sprayed on the metal base, so while not "grippy" in the sense of grippy rubber, it won't be slick. The real selling point for me is the modular hats. I'd love to be able to change the top center mini-stick to a digital hat that clicks (I know you can set it to function as an 8-way, but it still feels like a stick.). Would also be nice to be able to change some of the 5-way switches to 3-way or single press buttons, but I haven't seen t
  5. I love my UCM...have one for my GF and one for my TWCS throttle. I gook the WH plate, located the mounting holes, and made a plate for the TWCS. Works great. One gripe...it would be nice if the extension extrusions you can buy that mount on the side had a plastic cap for the open end. They can be a bit sharp and I've scraped my leg and my chair arms by accident on occasion. I may end up fabricating a cap with 1/8" plywood, but a plastic cap would be nice...
  6. You asked that same question 18 hours ago on Reddit and VKB said "no". Why ask here again?
  7. I have a TWCS throttle I use with my Kosmos and MCG Pro. No issues at all. While I'm waiting for the VKB TECS throttle to come out, I'm frankly very happy with the TECS. After 2 years, the throttle is still smooth, and other than the crappy index finger mini-stick, all of the other buttons are still working perfectly. It's because the throttle is otherwise so nice that I'm not overly anxious for the TECS to be released.
  8. Not my video, but thought I'd post it here... Edit: it's a 4.5ish minute video detailing the parts, assembly, and mounting of the mount system. No voiceover, but really nice video editing.
  9. After about 1 year I had a slight bit of wiggle in mine, too. Opened it up and found the 2 screws slightly loose. I thought of putting a bit of blue locktite on it, but will wait until the twist adapter comes out before making it semi-permanent.
  10. If you happen to have a spare Black Box (I got a spare when I got the rudder pedals), you can have different firmware flashed to each. So for my right hand stick, I have one flashed for my Kosmo, and one flashed for my MCG Pro. Having said that, re-flashing and loading a profile takes less than 30 seconds. There were folks who were concerned that you could brick you Black Box if you screw up the flash. Aerogator posted a way to use a jumper to reset the box if that happens. I've reflashed maybe 100 times and have never had an issue.
  11. What recent jet has been designed and built in less than 5 years?
  12. I've actually been very impressed with how much more has been staying in stock the past few months. While not everything has been available, it's been pretty good...
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