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  1. I’ve been away lately whats the timeline on the Kiowa?
  2. Has a wag been set for its release
  3. I haven’t loaded up dcs in around a year or two except to load it on my pc when I upgraded the hd system and I ran in to problems with the new vr headset and that was months ago. The ac that pulled me in to the dcs world was the huey. I flew it almost exclusively for a year or so until I took I’ll. Now have they got the multiplayer working in the huey Ie two player in the same ac. Which would be great for training imo. Also any thing that might be new to me?
  4. I would be willing to print everything once I get my printer setup if you’ll build me a Kiowa collective once you finish yours.
  5. I’d prefer a complete version and not to ease unpaid tester or rather than a paying customer who ends up being a tester
  6. I’ve been a way for some time and I’m not up to speed on the Kiowa so has a first release date been said yet?
  7. Normally people setup up their hotas one or two ways. Take the tm warthog hotas and you started with the A-10 module so you mimicked the Warthog’s buttons on the hotas that way what you sre you get then they switch to the f-16 they have a decision to make on the stick the throttle is a little harder. That is either configure the f-16 commands to mimic the a10s so muscle memory takes over or reconfigure it to mimic the viper and learn everything all over again. Me I have different controllers that I use depending on the module the huey gets the center mounted warthog stick mounted to the
  8. What service would you prefer to fly under the usaf or sun/usmc. I myself being retired usaf prefer their jets so if you like the viper get it there are way more that 2 tutorials unless your referring to training missions then I’m not sure how many of them they are and I’m sure it varies depending on the map. If you want to do. Carrier landings then the f-18 might be you cup of tea unless you have a buddy that wants to be your wsp or vice versa. Look at the mission tutorials for each jet.
  9. Add a dampner to the tpr pedals said to be a great mod for authentic feel. I’m still need to pickup the mounting hardware for mine haven’t been feeling well lately.
  10. Please describe the item and post detailed photos so I know what I might be buying
  11. Good I Have had good luck with pft customer service
  12. If I’m not flying a mission that’s gotmedoing something else as a starting condition. Ie a training mission that is focus on landing why waste the time to take off and play the pattern when you working on the landing same with the aar training mission. Now if I’m designing a mission it will be cold and dark for a tactical mission training may be different.
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