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  1. Hi, Is there a way to set the mission start time right at mission launch? I wish to create a couple of missions to enhance my flying skills at day and night in different scenarios but I do not want to necessarily copy each mission for day and for night sorties, if I can avoid it. I am aware of how to set day, time and weather in the mission editor but I cannot see an option to change it at the mission start. (I do know that I can select my plane to be flown by adding multiple planes and assigning them to "client", which gives me a nice selection window at miss
  2. Still experiencing the "Zombies" a lot (B-17s shot to flames and full of bullet holes, circling forever without going down, all engines off)... A fix would be appreciated!
  3. Thanks for this great guide. It works like a charm, also with these modifications: Take-Off Assistance = 0 (in "Special" Settings) Trim = +2 Propeller Governor still on Auto o7
  4. Thank you very much for the AOA indexer update! I like how it looks now - it's new brightness a definite improvement in my point of view!
  5. Hi, Sorry, if this has been asked before but I could not find any relating post on my issue so far. On some (I admit rather unsafe) of my landings on the Supercarrier module, the trapped wire is not shown on my trap sheets and the field remains blank (same with the score). I survived, stopped on the deck and the plane was still intact after the landing. Is this anything "normal" but with a good explanation or is that a bug or even still in development? A few trap sheets attached for reference. And please: I know my landings were
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