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  1. I've just finished 3rd mission. It is a great campaign so far. Nice voiceovers and background music. No boring missions ... many tasks. I really appreciate rich option via F10 com ... specific orders to wingmen, checking of mission status... One of the best camaigns for DCS.
  2. It happens to me sometimes too, but its very rare ... hard to repro.
  3. In my case all time acceleration bindings disappered
  4. Hello, the screenshot is attached. Without SU-30 mod is A-4 cockpit OK.
  5. Unfortunately for me this mod causes strange cockpit glass in A-4E-C mod
  6. HI, I had a similar problem. The culprit is MFAA indeed. When it is OFF, there is no problem. Another solution is MFAA ON but MSAA OFF. Because of some reason Nvidias MFAA is not compatible with DCS MSAA. It is shame because with MFAA ON are edges quite better without any cost of FPS. another picture
  7. Amazing mod. Thank you very much. It brings me back to childhood when I spent hundreds hours with DIDs F-22 ADF. Just add some sound and voices from this game and I will reach the Raptor heaven
  8. Hi, I play only SP. I will save the track file next time, however it seems to be very random issue.
  9. So the issue occurs again, this time directly in game (no track file). It seems very random ... it will be diffucult to find the real culprit.
  10. Sorry, I forgot. A new log file after clean and repair is attached. However the issue remains. I probably identify when it happens. I´m using tracks for "saving" of my progress in a long missions. When I want to continue with my mission, I open the track file, press F10 and accelerate the time to the point where I want to continue. In this case the strange behaviour occurs. Besides contrails I can see some graphical glitch behind some ships too. I understand it is issue for only a few people so I don´t expect any fix or solution. Thank you for your interest Flappie. I appreciate it. You should ask ED for some salary dcs.log
  11. For me it doesn´t work. My Nvidia settings is attached, however it is in czech ... zapnuto=ON, vypnuto=OFF dcs.log
  12. I have this issue for more than year ... still hoping a new weather system fix it
  13. Agim


    Can we get at least some decent 3D model for AI? I noticed there will be some model updates soon (SH-60, S3, B1-B,...) so I hope for update for this beatiful jet too.
  14. Unfortunately now is radar useless for all, not just for nvidia owners :(. Please, at least revert this "improvement" before Christmas. This module is great, but for now it is only 50% enjoyment because of this radar issue.
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