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  1. Thank you. I agree - this is one of the things I very much like in DCS - people sharing their expertise at that high level. It is also great to see people get inspired - I am looking forward to see how your Cobra will come along! Yes the blades turn on the Jayhawk model, but I did not look deeper for the blurry part execpt that it seems part of the modelling and animation for half of the scale. It seems a second set of blades with blurry look has to be modelled and animated dependent on the rpm, at least on the huey. Somehow that has also to be defined either in one of the luas or the EFM - w
  2. Not yet. It's flyable, but that's about it. I want to grew it further before sharing. But thanks for your interest.
  3. Sorry I am not on discord. I will post updates here or begin a new thread at some stage.
  4. Sorry to read that. Appreciate the honest and detailed description of reasons, no doubt such a project is ambitious. I was hoping for another helicopter initiative, since they are very rare - at least here in the DCS Forum. Take a break and take it easy - small steps is what its all about, I believe.
  5. Thanks for your reply! Again - awards to you for providing this path! Yes, I alreay had a look into the AeroData.h and also found an appropriate table for the xx60 helicopters. I will adapt that and see who it will work. So far, I played only with masses and inertia, rotor position/diameter etc. in the luas and the AH6Constants.h - main issue is still the relatively fast yaw movement which is already less than your AH-6, but still too fast for this size of helicopter. Thanks for the tips - will check if I can do the wheels and suspension as well.
  6. Again I have to say a deep thank you to nibbylot, who gifted us with this fantastic Helicopter EFM Demo complete Template. Being far from experienced in flight phyiscs and all the details needed for the quality and realism which is so present in DCS, I played around with the EFM, the luas and some 3D modelling and I am quite excited to find out what is possible. It costs so much time, but it is a lot of fun. So - I find myself now designing a flyable MH-60 Jayhawk....and I had the first dozens of hours working on refining a purchased basic model, doing new materials and geometry, roughly
  7. That was a very good hint - thank you! Great physics simulation.
  8. ...wow - amazing!! looks like we can 3D print a fully functional chopper in the end
  9. Wow, these look really great - all the boats to setup a complete SAR campaign. Looking really forward to. Amazing work, Admiral.
  10. WOW! Can't wait for those, especially the Bertholf. Fantastic work! Any chance you publish those soon?
  11. you need to setup a folder in saved games/liveries/AH-6 and copy it there
  12. if you compile the dll on a Win7 and copy that to a Win 10 it will not work. You need to compile on the OS you will be using it.
  13. I know of only one MH-60 Variant used by the Army, the others are Seahawks or Jayhawks. I maybe wrong though. I am not into weapons, and the UH-60 base model is still only AI.
  14. Thanks guys, appreciate your feedback! Maybe I'll do the yellow version of USCG 6006 as well (Elizabeth City).
  15. After doing the UH-1 attachments to make it look like a MH-60T Jayhawk (see here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314170/?sphrase_id=1498612) I finally could adapt those for the standard AI UH-60 model, plus the obligatory external tanks of the MH-60. If you like, you can checkout these here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314781/ Now we "just" need a flyable UH-60 and a working winch.... Cheers, r.
  16. good point. But it means a complete new module - which I would support immediately, even as an alternative to a UH-60. Here, in this topic, we could maybe give the old huey a chance with only minor upgrade, if well defined.
  17. Rather than an new UH-1 model I would really prefer a functionality addition to allow a functional hoist (standard both for SAR and special ops), FLIR and the possibility to drop water "bombs" for fire fight. I agree with Ebabil - texture improvements and if a new model, then th UH-60 / MH-60.
  18. so now we just need a 308...
  19. Thanks for the link, did see it too late. The liveries are pretty rough at this stage though. So understand I too. It is a great project and I want to look deeper into it. However, it is very time consuming, so I will not promise anything. But if anybody does as well, we could exchange ideas.
  20. Thanks. Probably not until the interior mapping is correct.
  21. Here's the Island Hopper Livery (still very basic, until the issue with the interior map is solved). https://www.dropbox.com/s/fhq8x5vvovfg6gf/Magnum_PI.zip?dl=0
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