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  1. so now we just need a 308...
  2. Thanks for the link, did see it too late. The liveries are pretty rough at this stage though. So understand I too. It is a great project and I want to look deeper into it. However, it is very time consuming, so I will not promise anything. But if anybody does as well, we could exchange ideas.
  3. Thanks. Probably not until the interior mapping is correct.
  4. Here's the Island Hopper Livery (still very basic, until the issue with the interior map is solved). https://www.dropbox.com/s/fhq8x5vvovfg6gf/Magnum_PI.zip?dl=0
  5. Getting there... (WIP) and a hell fun to fly
  6. wow, amazing video. I would be definetely interested in getting those into DCS. All the logistic tasks, SAR, sling loading, air refueling and fire fighting - and even vehicle transport with this one - provide enough challenge to justify more than only attack helicopters.
  7. Nibbylot, are you still checking this thread? The mod is great, I have a lot of fun and it has potential, for me very much in understanding how a heli mod could work. Thanks very much for providing your work to the community! Currently I am working on a detailed livery, but it seems that some of the cockpit interior is just mapped with the oustide texture material. Meaning, that outside texture structures repeat on the Joysticks and panels. They seem not to have a their own material during creation of the models. Since no ED-dummy texture appears, there is not just a texture missing.
  8. Thanks very much, Fragger, for these insigths. It is great to see the progress and quality of the modelling - I am very much looking forward to this. Although I hope we can choose between military and civil/SAR ops, latter without weapon pylons.
  9. Skullz, your mod makes simply THE difference for me. Thanks so much you updated also for 2.5.6!!
  10. Is there any solution to this? have the same problem after updating to 2.5.6 (stable) today
  11. had the same yesterday ... oops. I wrote an email to support and had an answer after 5 Minutes!! Wow! 10 Minutes later all was fine again.
  12. Wow! Thanks very much for the Helicopter Guides. Awesome work!
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