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  1. This is still the old version of the manual. Doesn't have the LANTIRN info in it. The online manual has the actual LANTIRN info in it. Is there an pdf version with the LANTIRN info?
  2. Been looking at the manual online and noticed that there is a LANTIRN section that is not contained in the PDF version of the manual. I do vaguely remember reading somewhere that there is an updated version of the pdf. Is there a place where I can download the PDF version with the LANTIRN included? Thanks, Iceberg
  3. Hi guys, Noob here regarding tacview. Just got it a couple of days ago and must say I've learnt ALOT already! Its awesome! Got the real time telemetry working, but I wanted to set up an online debrief for our groups of guys flying together. Any tips? we are hosting/joining but it doesnt seem work? We are all on version 1.7.5 registered copies. Read something about using port 42674 which we tried. all antivirus turned off just incase it blocked the ports but to no avail. Amy help would be appreciated Iceberg
  4. Been using a triple monitor setup for a long time now. Anybody picking up issues with the 2 outside monitors being reversed after the update? ( the game starts with the screen loading bar at the bottom orientated correctly but the moment I climb in a cockpit the outside screens are reversed?! Help would be appreciated
  5. Exciting times! Except I can now only see the Nevada Map in the MP Server page. Is it possible to add the IP's for the individual servers on the gadget for each map please?
  6. Thanks for the attempts to help. Managed to figure it out. Had to re-calibrate the Crosswinds again for some reason. They are fine again. Wasn't just the F5, it was for everything. For some reason the calibration was off. Crisis averted :thumbup:
  7. Struggling to bind my wheel brakes to the MFG Crosswind pedals. (The rudder works fine). The pedals/brakes are recognized in other a/c but for some reason the F5 assignment of the BRAKES don't work. Any ideas?
  8. Question for the guru's, How long does a KUB launcher (SA6)/ or stinger, remain after it has been deployed to the field?
  9. and just to add some more confusion to the Harrier config issue, spawned at the new Habaz FARP at night. Obviously being unable to re- arm on the road means that you cant equip NVG's. So at this stage the harrier is useless at night if you cant re-arm at the FARP.
  10. Just saw the new FARP's etc. looks good. tried to get PAK info for HABAZ, seems to be in the wrong PAK area. according to the map on the gadget.
  11. Has anything changed with the re-arming process for the huey? I've noticed you now start with an empty config but didnt manage to re-arm/refuel at the FARP from which i took off on? (The radio was set to INT)
  12. Game play question Where must you drop the troops when a farp has been closed (neutral) ? And can it be mortar troops? Do they the capture the farp and then you have to drop repair/refuel crate for it to start repairing? Somewhat confused. (PAK info says capturable) Thanks
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