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  1. Thanks for pointing that out . Now you mention it , it IS the first explosion that causes the stutter . Interesting .
  2. Yeah , tough time to need a graphics card...and will be at least all this year , if not longer imo .
  3. Yes , i am experiencing the same . Even an explosion out of sight will cause severe shot-term stutter .
  4. I have no experience with WidmoVR , but i have purchased two sets of lenses (CV1 and Rift S) from VRoptician , and couldn't be happier with them-and their packaging .
  5. Guessing you're not using a mouse ? If you choose to use a mouse , the cross disappears after a couple of seconds of disuse , and reappears when you move the mouse again .
  6. My 1070 is worth more now than i paid for it new ...too bad a grandson called dibs on it !
  7. I don't see that 'puter as limiting Another consideration would be usage . Seated sim-only play ? Or do you anticipate enjoying room-scale vr as well ? More into "plug and play" or do you have a high tolerance for tweaking ? G2 , Rift S , Index and Pimax all have their adherents , and pluses and minuses . Rather than seeking recommendations , i advise doing your own (thorough) web research , as no one save you can establish your own priorities , i.e. fov , colors , clarity , comfort , refresh rate , audio , software etc .
  8. Right-click the DCS executable (not the updater) , select properties , select compatability and you'll see it .
  9. Have you tried disabling fullscreen optimisations ? I'm running a 6800xt with essentially default Adrenalin settings and do not see the stuttering .
  10. What does "enterprise" mean ? $3k ? And i think for combat flight sims the vertical fov would be problematic . Doesn't look to comfortable either . Would love to be wrong about all of this , as i'm being put off the G2 by all the qc issues and update problems , and am looking forward to more hi-rez launches ....
  11. I have to disagree with parts of what you say here . I (and others) had no issue running 1.5 ssaa and 2x msaa-@ 60 hz , maintaining vsync and thus keeping TrackIr micro-stutter free , as well as having a sharper picture than using msaa alone , which blurs the picture . I do think the 8gb vram is good advice , although i never tried 6 .
  12. 32 gb will also allow 100% preload radius , minimising in-game terrain loads in sp .
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