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  1. April 25th, 1978 the USSR Chairman Leonid Brezhnev falls sick and relinquishes the control of the Communist Party. The newly appointed Chairman, Yuri Andropov takes the reigns of the USSR but there is turmoil inside the Communist Party. The party is torn between the partisans for the war in Afghanistan and the factions against it. Andropov opposing the decision to have a military intervention in Afghanistan is losing support and on August 23rd, 1978 a successful Coup d'état removes Andropov from Moscow. The country is torn and on August 30th, Ukraine declares its indepen
  2. That's how she flies, This is a full mission on a campaign that's about to be released soon. Long video, but there are some interesting parts.
  3. Great mini campaign. Thanks a lot. Please tell me there's a follow up in the works.
  4. Hi guys, this is a video preview of the first mission. I know, I'm just teasing.
  5. @Jester986 I think that's something ED has to allow and to implement. As far as I know after they are protecting the missions you can't do a whole lot with them. I'll check with them and see what they say. But most likely this will be something that probably will have to be implemented with their Dynamic Campaign engine.
  6. No MP support for this. I don't know if there is a campaign in the store that allows that. But that's something worth looking at. The way the missions are created it wouldn't be hard to implement it. The Mig-21 is in the final versions of testing and tweaking. I'm at the mission 18 out of 25. the Mig-21 will have two sets of voiceovers, Russian and English. I hope that everything will be ready for ED by mid December.
  7. @Bravelink03 sure thing, thanks a lot. I'll send you a PM when there will be enough missions for a test round.
  8. Hello guys, I've been toying around with the idea of making a campaign for AV-8. I put together quite an interesting framework in the Gulf map. My plan is for this to be a 15 mission campaign. The whole thing will happen at the end of August 1992. The world was in a bit of a turmoil back then and the action will happen partially on Tarawa and partially in Sirri island. How you guys feel about that. @RAZBAM_ELMO do you guys have any input on something like this? ​​​​​​​Cheers,
  9. Everything has been sent to ED. The campaign is ready and waiting to be published. As for ETA.... who knows. I've been trying to find out this too. Two weeks maybe? Maybe less, it's complicated, and it's quite a process, a bit more convoluted to my liking, but it is what it is. Thanks for all the patience guys, I hope it won't disappoint.
  10. More singleplayer content is about to be released
  11. WOW. How close you worked with the FAC's during your deployment, and can you describe how they used to operate?
  12. Hi guys, any talented and artistic guys that can help a fellow with a few screenshots? Cheers and thanks,
  13. There's a proper trailer done already. I was hoping that will go on the DCS marketplace when they will put it online. Right now i don't have any ETA in sight and i'm very tempted to launch it on a different platform. If you guys want to see it it is available here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w-hhnCOisHNfqvEonB_kOMPFgnpyQZb2/view?usp=sharing Let me know what you think
  14. The cruel reality is that F5 is not a money maker anymore. Not to the same magnitude of F-18 or F-16 so it will not get as much love as these other modules, and if you corroborate this with the lack of content when it comes to training, campaigns and missions it paints an even grimmer picture. But that's the reality of a lot of software companies now. This is the business model that was adopted pretty much anywhere.
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