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  1. Thanks for the kind words, yes, this is an existing bug in DCS. Maybe try to skip the mission once you completed it once if you have problems ending it. maybe that will work. It's a nasty bug, I wasn't able o reproduce it. But i know many players are struggling with it. @Semor76 thanks for the fix as well.
  2. Just a quick update on this one. The campaign is with the ED team being prepped for launch. No date just yet. I'll know more when it's going to make it to the CB build. Thanks a lot for all the support and feedback with this one.
  3. Good old finger does the trick for me. I rather control my drop on that run. And yes, I use 100 mil depression on the retarded bombs at 500 kts and 300 ft. Unfortunately the bomb aerodynamics may not be accurately calculated, there are manuals on the web and you can try to adjust your mils by the book but the results are not all that great. I spent a good deal of time testing the ones in the manuals and the ones in the DCS manual but I wasn't able to come with some accurate results. But as many pilots used to say from that era before CCIP use the TLAR method. That Looks ABOUT Right.
  4. Unfortunately it is not possible, as the missions come encrypted by Eagle Dynamics and can't be modified. There are quite a lot of ground units in the campaign, so, I had to cut back on the number of ground units on the player airfield trying to avoid any performance hits.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. You are right about the task message there. Easy to fix/add in another iteration of this mission. With the amount of changes lately, I'm sure this will happen soon enough. Awesome picture with the bomb damage.
  6. I thought you guys like blowing stuff up with 20 mike-mike. It's a percentage destroyed of a group. By how ME works. I could get granular and score by each unit, it would take about 5 years to finish a campaign. That whole SAM site is a group, easier to use it in templates and such. And also, if you think about it, it's my interpretation of a military conflict. It's not accurate, it may not be right all the time, It's just a story I'm telling. As long as you have fun with it, and makes you a better pilot, this thing will not be perfect, and for sure it won't be satisfying everyone's taste.
  7. I think they are tinkering with the bombs lately, A lot of people are complaining about not enough damage and not enough damage from the shockwave, The Wingman will not make it home on that mission no matter what, sorry, that's the way it has to be. I'll try to run a test with them and see. I think I always go faster than 450 kts on the snakeye run and I use around 100 depression and drop a line of 3 first then adjust for the second pass.
  8. I'll run a test tomorrow. 100 points it should go to the next one. That's the logic in DCS, nothing that I can control about that. What happens if you skip it in the first 10 seconds? press the radio menu and go for F10 and Instant Win?
  9. You can always press the ' key and check your score. If you are at 100 then you can hit escape and end mission.
  10. Where are you stuck? At the End mission button?
  11. Are you getting stuck at the End Mission message? Thanks for playing it. We have a dedicated page on the forum if you want to come there. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/801-sorelro/
  12. When you have the 10 seconds for instant win open your radio and you see the instant win menu under F10. I thought that was common knowledge. I should have mentioned it in the text. Sorry about that.
  13. What is the error message that you are getting? There is a known bug where you can't click End Mission but I don't know if that's what you are getting. Maybe send a track or some screenshots so I know what to troubleshoot.
  14. The problem that I have with the volumetric cloud presets is that if I want any kind of precipitation in these missions it makes it very hard to spot anything in the air, and also on the ground, I'll try to tinker more with it, but I would like to have some challenging weather and not just the fluffy clouds that look good in pictures.
  15. I see them fine, they are skimming over the second cloud layer, can't see the contrails against the cloud tough, but they are visible on radar too. Just tested it now. The weird part about the weather system is that contrails are more visible in between the cloud layers. There's also F10 and skip if it's too much.
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