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  1. :D Well, my friend, maybe some people here are already confused ... If we add more and more confusion we won't be helpful. It's probably a typo, but you mean "the wind going TO North-East (arrow pointing to 045°) is COMING from South-West". With North-West you added an other -90° variable. And this is of course wrong more than the other ones. Cheers, rob
  2. As the sailors say: "the WIND comes FROM, the CURRENT goes TO". I know in Italian, but ... :D rob
  3. Well, my friend. You're definitely lucky, as I've never been able to record one single minute with that software. As for my post in other section of this forum https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3352216&postcount=1 :cry: Good luck rob
  4. Even though I've got the proper hardware, updated graphic drivers, the very last version of GeForce Experience, after 1000 attempts and long readings on web related material, the only result I achieved are some screenshots. Never able to record 1 minute of video, or seeing its status icon on the screen. Just the fps counter. Any suggestions? Thx a lot rob
  5. BFVG Intro screen on other missions Just for your info (and maybe to help you to solve this issue for other customers), following your instructions I went to this folder C:\Users\UTENTE\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech\nBFVG Harrier Pack\Skins\1\ME and I just renamed ONLY this file StartImage-2.bmp and the problem disappeared. No need to rename or erase the whole upper folder. There is something that calls for this StartImage file even in the others' missions. Hope that was helpful to locate where the issue could be Cheers rob
  6. Negative, Sir. I checked it up, but I still have my Harrier wallpaper, as usual. Any other suggestion? Thx, rob :cry:
  7. Thanks for the big work. Is there any reason (my mistakes during installation) why now I see the "British Fighting Vehicles Group" intro screen every time I open ANY mission. I mean ... the other ones too. Thx a lot, rob
  8. Perfetto. Chiaro. Molto giusta la considerazione sull'angolo di rotazione e sull'opportunità di fare STO anche a pieno carico. Credo sia proprio così anche nella realtà. Farò sempre così, d'ora in poi, e usando lo STO Stop. Grz, rob :thumbup:
  9. ... forse non sono stato chiaro. Questo era proprio il senso della domanda: alla Vr (160 kts, ok, grazie) i nozzles vanno ruotati a qualche valore, o restano fermi a 10° nel decollo convenzionale (CTO)? Tu parli di ruotarli ... E questo mi spiazza. Grz
  10. AV-8B - CTO (Conventional TO) questions Ciao gente. Domanda da niubbo ... ma io qui lo sono, al momento: nei CTO (Conventional Take Off) si lasciano i nozzles a 10°, come credo si debbano tenere in corsa di rullaggio? Per poi metterli a 0° in volo veloce? E domanda correlata: la tabella delle Vr (velocità di rotazione) vs il peso dove la trovo? Non sarebbe una buona idea aggiungere anche questa colonna alla bella tabella che è stata qui pubblicata? Grazie rob
  11. Sry, but it looks like I haven't been clear enough. I'm talking about a MULTI-SCREENs layout. That is the central fully dedicated to DCS, but the other two only partially. And while I can do that for the right one, I can't for the left one, if this is Number 1. Furthermore, if we deal with a multiscreen situation, the windowed mode (even if without borders) is the base-case, as fullscreen option in the GUI will crash the simulator. Re the last question on the reason why, etc, it's just because I need to run other applications like TeamSpeak and/or Skype in background and I would like to watch
  12. Partial display occupation on a multiscreen General question. In a 3-monitor setup (classical layout, 1, 2 and 3 from left to right) would it be possible to span DCS from the central monitor to the other ones by leaving FREE two vertical strips on the outside edges, in order to view and manage there other applications? Let me better clarify. Let's say, for sake of simplicity, that width of side monitors (1 and 3) is 1000 and the central (2) is 2000. Total width of the multiscreen will become 4000. If (0;0) (NOT in DCS .LUA, but just to explain here the problem) is the upper left corner of m
  13. Hi guys, I apologise if my question is not new, but I didn't find anything on that (or I've been unable to do it). If I am the author of a thread, and I think it has been already answered to my full satisfaction, may I change the title of the thread as [sOLVED], or is that possible only to Moderators and Staff members? Thx rob
  14. OK, grazie a entrambi. Credo di aver capito. Creare un copia e incolla in una struttura di folders tipo questa mia C:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\aircraft\AV8BNA\Liveries\AV8BNA\VMA-231 CAG Oppure, meglio perché più protetta dagli aggiornamenti successivi di DCS, in quest'altro modo C:\Users\nomeutente\Saved Games\DCS World Openbeta\Liveries\AV8BNA\VMA-231 CAG in modo che in questo ultimo folder \VMA-231 CAG ci siano dentro i files .dds ed il file .lua. A questo punto per gli utenti meno smaliziati (come il sottoscritto) sarebbe forse meglio distribuire un file
  15. Installazione livrea VMA-231 CAG Ciao a tutti. Scusate la domanda ultra-banale, ma sono nuovo qui (e con l'occasione vi saluto), e nuovo anche in generale di DCS: io sono MOLTO interessato, ma, ehm ... dove trovo le istruzioni per installare questa livrea? Se c'è da spedirmi ad altro post, fatelo pure senza ritegno. Grz rob
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