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  1. I've tested and timed it and it appears that yes putting it right between those 2 markers seems to be the right place. You can check yourself by this way: a 2 minute turn means you do 360 degrees of turn in 2 minutes, or 3 degrees per second. So make a turn and count off seconds and if you change 9 degrees of heading in 3 seconds, you are in a 2 minute turn. In more round, easier to approximate numbers, make it 10 degrees of heading every 3 seconds and it's close enough. 10 degrees is easier to measure on your heading tape or compass rose than 9 degrees. v6, bo
  2. Yes I already tried having therm reload me on the ground and it still didn't work. I even checked the mission in the editor and it showed that you are full 100% of ammo. Seems odd that since the gun trigger by default is the spacebar that the mission writers would have the radio calls bound to it too. v6, boNes
  3. Sorry you had such a bad experience with it. I'm not sure why but I've been able to get it to work pretty well, and for things I didn't like I was able to modify to my liking. In making the radio menu useless, it could be that you had it set to remove menus..this is a setting you can turn on or off. There is also that the microphone push button must also have a release button, and this is configured in the profile under radio controls. This is also where you map which radio you want for which PTT. It's not entirely difficult once you get the hang of it. I used Baile
  4. Sorry I searched around for this but couldn't come up with great results but if you and your wingman are in the initial and you kiss off, how long before your wingman should kiss off? 15 seconds? 30? Thanks. v6, boNes
  5. Keep in mind as well that the F-14 is a third party module from Heatblur whereas Supercarrier AND the Hornet are made by ED. So of course everything works for and is geared to the Hornet such as deck signals (which is not that different at all from Tomcats actually, ok, maybe spreading wings). Heatblur is at the mercy of whatever ED deems to be the end all be all of carrier ops in Supercarrier, even if the F-14 is one of the most popular, immersive, and realistic modules available. Heatblur has said many times how they want to do things in a certain way to make it accurate in the Tomcat but
  6. So isn't the default keybind for the gun trigger the spacer bar? IT seems odd that the mission would be written with the space bar being the radio response key knowing that the spacebar is the default so that everyone playing has to remap their keys...? Or am I not recalling properly? v6, boNes
  7. I've been noticing that just as Saint and I set up in Mission 2 for the dogfight, that right when we go fight's on, he physically disappears from view. I could have a good tally on him at close range then poof he disappears. Does anyone else experience this? v6, boNes
  8. Sorry I think I was thinking about the Raven One campaign. I think I noticed that there. v6, boNes
  9. So I revalidated the files and tried again. The gun again would not fire. Which was disappointing because I had him dead bang lots of times. so since I couldn’t kill him, I just hit the option to knock it off then to end themssion. It prompted me to do so so I did before even returning to land. the campaign status showed that my hop was successful....100% campaign mission success. Odd. so when you fire the gun in this mission, does it actually fire rounds, or does it keep track of the hit based on your piper being on him when you pull the trigger, like a s
  10. Ah yes good point I think I did notice that today. funny how though if you’re not on the right freq that they can still here you. v6, boNes
  11. Get VAICOM Pro with the AIRIO extension and you can do that and/or add that functionality. They also have added some commands that didn’t even exist in the Jester wheel that work pretty well. v6, boNes
  12. I've been noticing lately that the ILS needles used to be pretty representative of the ball but now they aren't. For instance, you can have the needles completely centered but the ball will be high. If I continue to fly the needles I usually will not get a three wire. But if I follwo the ball I will. They used to coincide but lately they don't. v6, boNes
  13. I am using VAICOM Pro and have not experienced this phenomenon. Now being that you are prompted to respond by hitting the space bar by the mission, I have found that although you are given a list of freqs and buttons to tune, they really aren't much use since you just hit the spacebar anyway. Not complaining but I was kinda looking forward to tuning my own radios and such. v6, boNes
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