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  1. We need some early war fighters and fighter bombers for a Battle of France, and maybe a Battle of Britain campaign if the map is expanded to including London?!?
  2. Like a Spitty mk.1 and a 109 E maybe a Hurricane and throw in some AI like a BF110, HE-111, and JU-87.
  3. Rocket pod frangible fairings for the Zunis, LAU-61’s, and LAU-68’s, break off when first rocket is launched on pod. It would lower the drag index of said pod for example NATOPS performance manual tells me the drag index without the fairing is 12.0 and with a fairing is only 3.0.
  4. Ok thanks for the redirect, Redkite had the PP update which was my problem answered in his tutorial. To summarize; the dual bomb rack (bru-55) that holds two jdams currently only acts as one station. In the future it should give the option to step from left weapon to right weapon acting as separate stations and allow dropping two jdams without selecting different PP targets.
  5. Kk so I’m pretty confident entering precise targets for multiple targets,, when my JDAMs are on separate pylons. But when using the pair of GBU-38s on the BRU-55, I can enter one PP but stepping doesn’t seem to give me any indication that it’s selected the second weapon on the pylon (or I’m blind). I’m blind right? I’ll be on later to test if it drop on two targets regardless.
  6. Yeah all true, I’m sure the USN doesn’t fly the S-2 tracker anymore either! But with the modules here and coming I’m sure we get some cool cold war era stuff too.
  7. Hand-in-hand adding new AI aircraft with versions appropriate for a wider audience of nations. As ED seems to be really expanding Naval Ops let's keep that rolling with maritime aircraft, but by no means let it limit what you can add. Examples: Lockheed P-3 Orion/CP-140 Aurora serving: USN, RNZAF, JSDF, RAAF, ROKN, RCAF Br.1150 Atlantic serving: French Navy, German Navy, Italian AF, Pakistan Navy, Royal Netherlands Navy Airbus A310 MRTT/CC-150 Polaris serving German Air Force, RCAF S-2 Tracker serving: USN, Royal Canadian Navy, Argentine Navy, Brazilian Navy C-1Trader/C-2 Greyh
  8. Nah TM has been pretty quiet with only there TFRP release.. I’m more interested in projects VKB has going like their twin engine controls. But they look to match their gunfighter Russian style. But the linear movement and all looks good.
  9. Reading through NATOPS and the emergencies. They show some 132 caution, warnings, and advisories (Emergency index 4). How many can we be expecting in the release? Thanks.
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