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  1. Hi I can read this here on this forum: Will my paid campaigns work with the new module? This will be up to content creators if they choose to update their campaigns to the new module, other wise they will work as normal. So I wonder when ED are going to upgrade there own old A-10C campaigns to work with the new A-10C II module? Does anyone know? (As for now I can only see the A-10C 16-2 Red Flag Campaign show up on my A-10C Module and not in with the A-10C II module)
  2. I have updated the map with SA-2 sites on the one who was named SA-2 PVO_1989_SAM_Template_v.2.miz
  3. If DCS crew dont stop put out unfinnish stuff and not do any single friendly mission stuff to do, then I am going to quit this.... I got all modules and maps unitil now.... But DCS just puts out unfinnish stuff and dont do anything for us...... how about some immersive campaigns to play with..... So we who spend money can make some stuff with our modules and maps.....
  4. Or dont have it at all :P ED just want to release modul and make money..... They are not ready with F/A-18, and most important not ready with F-16, and going to put energy to release a A-10C II..... And how is the work on VR going for them.... They say they will put energy into that..... But 4 years later nothing has happend....
  5. Hello! I wonder if there is any pilots in here that have fly the viggen for real and would like to share your hotas setup. I really like to get some sensitivity settings for the pitch and roll. And to be able to load your setup and see how you have mapped all things. I am on Thrustmaster Warthog setup my self.
  6. I have not playing DCS for a while now. But yesterday I updated the Open beta and tested Viggen. Is taxi light broken? (I can see the light bulb it self is going on and off, but there is no lights at the runway/taxi/parking area that is lighted up by the bulbs)
  7. Thanks, that did the trick. Now I just want a code to inactivate that flag when the unit go outside the zone.... :D
  8. Thanks for this..... The code worked fine, and I got flag 900 as true when my unit enter the zone.... But how to make the flag to false when I turn around and fly outside the zone? Could I add a else in the code or something? And what does: interval=20 do?
  9. lefuneste01 Is there any easy wasy to just toggle stuff on and off with like a ini file? Like a file where all stuff that is include in this app would be listed. And value 0 for off and value 1 for on. (And the default value also listed in there) So we easy can install this mod, and easy just put stuff on and off in a single file with 0 and 1 at our choice. :thumbup: For now I just want the copy paste option to be on, and everything else off.... But I cant find any easy way to do that right now..... All I can see is a bunch of keymappings, and there is a lot of them to remember.... :cry:
  10. Hi I wonder if its possible to disable the mouse cursor to move around when I move my head in the VR headset, and only work when I use the mouse? This is how it work now with my settings Settings in the VR tab: Use mouse is checked And now if I move the mouse, the cursor is showing up on screen, and if I now move my head around, the cursor is moving to...... Is there a way to disable that thing? So the cursor is only moving when I move the mouse, and not move at all when I move my head around.
  11. Hello. How to do if I want to create a square triggerzone that make flag 99=on when group "Player group" enter the zone? If anyone has a solution for it, please upload a example mission so I can view and learn from it. Thanks
  12. Can you please upload a mission with that stuff? So I can see how its made and how it looks like in the editor. Thanks :thumbup:
  13. Its not JTAC procedure I would like to practice.... So a FAC or AFAC is not what I need when I want something to call out calls like a AWAC do when and if they spot some ground units :lol: Thanks anyway :D
  14. To bad You know any good way in to roam the map with the A-10C, and get some bulls calls from a AWAC, so I can practice in that type of stuff, to find target and so on. (And I dont want to create a static mission in editor, then I know where to find them anyway :P So I am going to use script to put out targets on random locations so I dont know exactly where they spawn out. And then have a bulls call from a awac that tell me where to look.)
  15. Hi I wonder if there is a way to get the AI wingman to put out a spi or mark where he call outs a detected target? The only way I know of now is to give order to wingman to attack the target, then he puts out a spi on map for me to see. But is there anyway for me to let my ai wingman to put out a spi or mark on targets he detects without the attack order?
  16. What is good altitude for awac to detect ground units? (Armor, tanks, infantry) And from what distance do they detect targets in the game?
  17. I have the same problem. I got TX 1 and 2 working fine in F/A-18C, A-10C, AJS 37, M-2000C and AV-8B. But in the F-16C the AN/ARC-222 does not working for me, and I got no response from ATC or other thing when using this radio.
  18. Wow, that would be great, so we who care about see ground units actually can see them as well up in the air in VR =)
  19. Ah, thanks. Does this mod work with: Shaders mod for better VR performance (experimental)?
  20. Is it still the same problem with mouse click kb to INT position?
  21. They dont launch and fire as they allway do after latest patch on my computer.... They lock, but do not launch when I press pickle buton. Nowdays I need to set fuzing to IN, than was something I did not need before.
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