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  1. Glad the SA range scale with TDC is being acknowledged finally - there has been chatter about it for quite some time now. Thank you! Cheers, Ziptie
  2. TGP SOI TMS AFT SHORT (verify INR below gates on TGP display) Roll in, once you have nose on target, TMFS to gain a point track (if desired) To others: For those who are using point track on a target that isn't moving - you don't need to do that, and shouldn't do that. Cheers, Ziptie
  3. Coolie Switch works exactly as advertised for me as well. CSLL / CSRL both will SOI the sensor displayed on the respective MFD (obviously as long as the display on that MFD is able to be SOI - i.e CDU display cannot SOI). As others have stated - sounds like an issue with software (or possibly even hardware). Repair, double check keybinds, double check A10CII SIM and not A10CII GAME keybinds are not being confused. Also, double check general keybind tab - to make sure something there isn't overriding your input command. Hope it isn't a hardware problem, that could get pricey.
  4. Thanks for the reference/mention. I am REALLY hoping that this is able to be implemented for our Hornet. I guess time will tell, but it is a useful command/functionality. Cheers, Ziptie
  5. Are you using the correct "in flight radio menu?" I haven't flown the campaign, but sounds like if you are pushing the normal radio menu keybind that you press on the ground - and it isn't working, that easy comms is probably disabled and you need to use the COMM 1 / COMM 2 keybind(s). Cheers, Ziptie
  6. This has not received any assistance from Eagle Dynamics, to my knowledge - but Pravus would be better suited to answer that question, as he is the mission creator. I've just been blessed enough to assist with the testing since day 1 (waaaaaaaaay back when on the Caucasus map). Cheers, Ziptie
  7. You need to "interact" with the rules section (after reading the rules). You interact by emoji. If you do not have emoji's enabled in your Discord settings, you must do that. You can click on one of the existing emoji's (thumbs up, smiley face, etc.) - or you can add another. PM me if you are still unable to sort it out and I will walk you through it in a different manner. Cheers, Ziptie
  8. You are supposed to fly echelon left if you have not refueled yet. Try that, should alleviate your problem. Cheers, Ziptie
  9. I don't have a force feedback stick and can trim both of those aircraft just fine. Double check your keybinds (make sure that the trim isn't set to a diagonal input - mine were changed like that after one update). If those are all ok - make sure you aren't in game mode (avionics and flight) - and that you aren't setting the keybinds for the F/A-18C GAME. Should be F/A-18C SIM Flew both aircraft yesterday - trim works just fine. Cheers, Ziptie
  10. You can, you can go into the .lua file and change the highest completed mission, to the number you are struggling with - and move right along. There is a post here somewhere in the forum ,that outlines how to do that. Think it might have been in the Raven One campaign thread - when some trigger(s) got messed up with one of ED's updates. Cheers, Ziptie
  11. Check for a double bind (as others have suggested) - or make sure you aren't just flying around GATES everywhere. Fuel runs out. Welcome to DCS and enjoy the Hornet! Cheers, Ziptie
  12. And as I stated in a previous post (as has ED in their official post) - there is no longer a "swap" function of the MFDs, you you just simply need to have the MAV screen displayed on the right MFD. Probably easier to place the TGP on the left MFD for this training mission as well - so you can view both (if desired) without switching between the two, on the same MFD. Cheers, Ziptie
  13. Indeed, you have to be low on internal fuel. My 50% was simply a "hip shot" from memory. Works like a charm and haven't had to "swap" my external tanks when rearm/refuel since discovery. Hope it helps others as well - even if your server doesn't share the same theory on stores. Cheers, Ziptie
  14. This gets you through the training. Just follow the steps. It's also good training, for if you have one of the MFDs fail in flight - so you can still display the desired sensor(s). Did my best to make it exceptionally easy to read and follow.... Seems to have helped others - and I tested myself, gets you all the way through the training mission. Cheers, Ziptie
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