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  1. Well that was nice, what got my attention was the C-47's dropping troops. That brings a new area to the WWII use for greater expansion of action.
  2. Marianas map has gone from low frames to a slideshow now. On other maps frames dropping into the low 30's.
  3. This problem also carries over to the Landing gear itself. At distance it does not show and then pops in when other aircraft are landing.
  4. What is really strange is that on the Nevada map the road traffic is located in the same for all players but the trains are not.
  5. Trains on the Nevada map are not in the same position for all players. You can call train at your 1 o’clock and get a response of nothing but open track nothing there.
  6. The road traffic shows up between players but the trains do not. Is this a known problem? Will it be corrected?
  7. We waited all this time to get the startup flame and smoke just to have it broken with this update. Please stop it should not be true statement…. Oh my an update what did they break this time Does anyone actuality test?
  8. The span is adjustable but the distance is not from inside the cockpit. Works with button assignment but not with the mouse.
  9. If you want to push the P-51 to the edge you cannot leave either of the radiators in the “AUTO” settings. AUTO has been porked for a long time. If you plan to be aggressive in the vertical you must open both doors fully before engaging in the action. Opening the doors after or while going to the vertical will result in the cooling not being able to recover. Take manual control of the radiators and life will be much better for you. Check the gauges often! After a while it will become second nature of knowing how many seconds to hold the switch to open or close the doors. Keep in mind that the doors move very slowly a full 14-17 seconds to open all the way.
  10. Been there tried all the above suggestions. None worked. Linked is what I found worked to solve all the problems. Don't ask me why it works, this is the only app that I have to do this with. But it works every time. Link: Scroll down System is a Intel I9-9900K overclocked to 5ghz, Nvidia 3080, 32ghz 3600ram, HP Reverb G2
  11. F6 will cycle to the nearest deployed weapon AA or AG
  12. This was listed in the latest update. Has anyone seen any changes? What are they? Was hoping it was getting rid of the ugly default skins. How hard could it be. There are some really good User made skins out now you could use. It's way past time to get those old skins out and replace them with much higher quality ones for the default listings.
  13. For the TPR pedals you need to use the calibration software from Thrustmaster it is listed here under utilities. https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/tfrp-en/ DO NOT use windows game controllers to do the calibration or your toe brakes will not work correctly.
  14. I have read this thread and feel your pain. I chased this for a long time with my G2 where frames would not stay stable and go up and down for no reason. After trying everything that has been mentioned this is what I found worked for me. It is very odd and the only thing I can think of is something between the game, WMR and SteamVR is not getting picked up in settings when you launch the game. This is what I found fixed it for me and now run a steady 45fps. Launch WMR 2 Launch the game 3 SteamVR will launch automatically 4 Entering the game bring up FR counter Choose instant action pick a free flight. Bank and turn the plane toward the ground. If the framerate drops exit to desktop 7 Re-launch game repeat from step 4 - DO NOT shut down SteamVR It may take 3 times doing this but when the frames lock steady they will stay locked for as long as you play. I realize this is a strange way to work around a problem as this is the only program I run that has this problem but it is, what it is. And if this is what it takes for me to run without stutters so be it.
  15. Here is a test for a problem I have been having. Go into “Instant Action” choose free flight any map. Bring up your Framerate counter. Of the planes that I have you will see that the P-51D, Spitfire, and F-15 will have a 60 – 70% frame loss over the other aircraft. The P-47 does not suffer from this; neither does the F-18, and F-86, and the TF-51, but there is a slight loss with the F-16 but nowhere near the others. This is most likely why, in VR, the stutters are much worse as the 51 is my plane of choice.
  16. While on MP servers all the player listings show a Ping Time of “0”
  17. files attached dcs.log-20210415-190629.zip
  18. In VR they are jumping large white blobs with gray bottoms that you can't look at for to long.
  19. We don’t have the smoke with them yet but the flames are back. This has been missing since 1.5. Someday we can only hope that we might get the 150 fuel.
  20. You may not notice this when attacking air targets. Try a test attacking a ground target keep attacking the same target after a few passes you will notice how the convergence of the rounds will start to scatter. By the time you are almost out of ammo the pattern will look like shotgun rounds.
  21. Near the end of the belt in the P-51 the gun barrels are shot and the pattern is more like a shotgun. This happens if you use short bursts and let them cool down or not. If repair will replace a wing why does it not replace burned out guns? The way that repair works we have no choice but to get a new plane. This is more of a bug than a wish.... Repair gives me an almost new plane except for the guns.
  22. Thank you for the information. But having to run a repair makes it obvious that it is broken and should be fixed. But then again just like them not updating the skins for this plane after changing the format (why they look so bad) will not get done....
  23. Two updates ago the texture for the cables from the throttle are no longer black and now have the camo missing texture on them.
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